Dating is a necessary part of every blossoming relationship. Although dating can be fun and exciting, it is even better when people date because they are ready to be in a committed relationship. Here are a few signs that you are not quite ready to date.

You Are Addicted To "Relationships Highs"

If you have a habit of always looking for the next love high, it is probably not a good idea to date yet. If you fall into this category, take a minute to ask yourself why you're so focused on the emotional high of a new relationship. Is it that you feel bored and dissatisfied with your life currently? Are you trying to replace a former flame? It's worth taking some time to evaluate why you feel carried away by the thought of a new relationship.

You Are Still Trying To Figure Yourself Out

If you are not where you want to be in life yet, or are still trying to map out a plan for your life and figure out the next steps, then it is probably a confusing time, and you should be focusing on yourself rather than bringing another person into the picture. Relationships require a lot of work, and the extra stress could be detrimental to your self-growth.

You Are Picky And Indecisive

While there is nothing wrong with having high standards for yourself, being excessively picky can signify that you are not fully ready to commit to a serious relationship. For example, opting not to date someone solely because you don't like their sense of style or their perfume can allude to the fact that you are just not into dating anyone right now and probably shouldn't.

You Are Emotionally Unavailable

A dead giveaway that you are not ready to date is if you don't feel connected to anyone romantically and are not interested in healthy communication habits. If you find yourself acting toxic, flaky, and combative, that can signify that you are emotionally unavailable at the current, and that's not a good thing for any healthy relationship.

You're Not Over Your Ex

If you can't seem to stop comparing your ex to everyone you date, then that is a big red flag that you need to take a step back from dating. If you also can't stop yourself from talking about them frequently, then that is a sign that you are still hung up on your former romance and are not ready to move forward into a new relationship. 

You're Indifferent About Dating

When you meet someone new, it should feel exciting and new. Suppose you find yourself feeling cavalier about dating them or about the prospects of the future. In that case, it could point to the fact that you're just not keen on dating right now, and that's okay because everyone has their unique rhythm, but take a step back to assess the situation and follow your instincts.