With Valentine's Day coming up, you might want to look into finding the right statement pieces to highlight your outfit. Here are some pieces that you can opt for.

A Blazer Dress 

If you are looking for a statement-making outfit for your Valentine's Day outing, a blazer dress is a perfect pick. Besides being a powerful statement pick, it can also be incredibly alluring if paired with the right jewelry and shoes. A pink or red blazer dress is especially eye-catching.

A Slip Dress

A silk slip dress is an extraordinary outfit because it is simple yet incredibly captivating. The versatility of this dress comes in handy because you can pair it with edgy heels, boots, or sneakers. If you like to layer on jewelry, this outfit is a perfect choice.

A Ruffled V-neck Romper

Despite the general notion that rompers are perfect for the summer, you can get away with a v-neck romper as a Valentine's outfit. Opt for different patterns, colors, and cuts depending on your style. If it is too cold out, try pairing your romper with the hosiery of your choice. 

A Lacy Bodysuit

Many fashion houses have a wide variety of lace bodysuits. What is great about this piece is that it is both comfortable and stylish. Pair these with some jeans or edgy leather pants, and the fashion sky is the limit.

A faux leather bustier

This is a guaranteed head-turner. Faux leather bustiers are amazing fashion statements and are very much "in" now. You can either wear this sultry piece over a white shirt or by wearing it solo.

A Puffer Coat 

This Rihanna-approved piece has been a monumental hit in winter fashion this season. Not only will this coat keep you comfy and warm this valentine's season, but it is also an eye-catching fashion statement. Many retail stores carry these puffer coats in various colors and designs. Consider coordinating a puffer coat with your outfit this Valentine's Day.