If you have been feeling convicted to start your Bible study journey and spend more time with God, this is for you. We hear a lot of messaging in popular culture about how to get to the bag. However, some of us are missing deeper conversations about how to get into our word. What does it mean to have money and success but be left empty spiritually? It’s not uncommon to feel as if you’ve attained so many of your goals and still, somehow feel as if you are missing something. That missing piece may just be the presence of a spiritual connection and relationship with God. 

Hands on the Bible

Bible study allows you to deepen your understanding of God’s word, gain spiritual wisdom, and strengthen your faith. It also guides how to live purposefully and with fulfillment according to biblical principles. Watching sermons, listening to Christian podcasts, and even going to church every Sunday are important. However, the process of reading and studying the word yourself is an integral part of deepening your connection.

Beginning your Bible study journey can be quite intimidating. That feeling quickly fades after you start so let’s get to it. Here are six tools to jumpstart your journey to studying the word.

Study Bible

The first and most essential tool is getting a good study Bible. There is one thing you want to ask yourself before you start throwing bibles in your amazon cart. What translation or version of the word do you understand best? There are several versions of the Bible. The most common are the King James Version, New International Version, Contemporary English Version, and the Amplified Version. 

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If you can vibe with the NIV version we have the perfect study bible recommendation for you! The Life Application Study Bible has clear readable text along with over 10,000 life application notes to help you study and apply the word. One of the most helpful features is the profiles of key people and introductions and overviews of each book. 

YouVersion Bible App

The second tool that you can use to get started with your bible study is the Bible app. The Bible app is one of the best free apps available. Within the application, you have access to all translations of the bible and a wide variety of devotionals. The Bible app also sends daily verses on your phone encouraging you to spend time in the word.

Bible Concordance

The next tool we will introduce to your study session is a Bible concordance. This is a reference tool that lists the words found in the Bible. It also provides information about where they can be found in the text. It’s often used to help locate specific verses or to study a particular topic or theme throughout the Bible. To use it, first identify the word or phrase you want to look up. Then, find the appropriate section in the concordance and look for the verse references listed under that word or phrase. Finally, use the verse references to locate the passages in your Bible.

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Bible Dictionary

The fourth tool is more important than we like to give it credit for likely because its simplicity. A dictionary is an essential key to truly understanding and comprehending what you are reading. A dictionary can be useful during Bible study to look up the meanings of unfamiliar words. It can also help you gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of words in the original language of the Bible. Additionally, a Bible dictionary can provide historical and cultural context for certain words or phrases. 

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Journal + Notebook

Last but certainly not least, you need a journal and a notebook. As you spend time in God’s presence and in his word, you may begin to receive messages from him. It’s important to document these things in your journal to take them back to God in prayer. You can also write out your prayers and prayer requests in your journal. Use the notebook to keep your Bible study notes organized and readily available for you to return to if necessary. 

Photo Courtesy of Amazon
Photo Courtesy of Amazon

These tools will help you study the bible and begin to create a relationship with God that is priceless. The more you study, the more God will reveal himself to you through his word. Consistency in this journey is key in your Bible study journey. Choose a time every day to spend at least thirty minutes in the word.

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