Ok, so maybe we aren’t all great at mornings, In fact, mornings have a tendency to be a little rushed and chaotic for most people right? When I open my eyes, I immediately jump into work – checking emails, social media on my phone, writing my to-do list for the day, and getting ready to take on any work-related assignments. This has become my usual, and while I love the burst of creative energy I receive, I can feel a little bit stressed and overwhelmed if I am not careful. 

I’ve talked a lot about morning routines from a health and sanity perspective — but I don’t think that I have touched upon morning office routines. To start, here are some questions we should be asking ourselves about our current morning routine at the office.

What time do you aim to get to work every day?

What is your commute like, and do you stop somewhere (coffee, gym, daycare) along the way?

What do you do as soon as you reach the office — Review a to-do list? Go to a meeting?

Do you have any “first thing” rituals that you’ve purposely built to maximize productivity for yourself?

My first order of business at work is usually to grab another cup of coffee — but I am sinking into the “let’s just check the latest news” trap and looking up and realizing that I’ve wasted 30 minutes messing around on the Internet.

We should all really try to utilize our time at work more effectively.

Now, on to some ways that you can have a better morning at work!

1. Hydrate first thing

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Did you know that your body becomes extremely dehydrated while you’re sleeping? When this happens, your metabolism slows down, and your brain has less fuel to operate correctly.

To jumpstart your metabolism, you should always drink room temperature lemon water in the AM. Don’t head straight for coffee, and don’t dive into yesterday's interesting leftovers or the snacks in the breakroom. Just head straight toward the water.

2. Wake up earlier

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When I worked at my old job, I tended to roll in on the later side — 9:30 was about the earliest I ever got to work.  Well, you know the saying, “morning people are more successful”? It really is true. We need to wake up early, and with purpose, to achieve success.

3. Develop good habits- the night before

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To avoid falling into work rabbit holes it is probably time to develop some good habits before we even get to work. Sometimes the best way to have a productive morning is to dive into some tasks the next before. 

It is true that we have a limited amount of willpower first thing in the A.M. as our brains are waking up, so the thought of making too many decisions in the morning can be daunting. Finish any small tasks or scheduling the night before, so you come in with a plan of attack the next day. Coming into a clean desk is also a helpful and beneficial way to start your workday.

4. Harness your energy effectively

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When I’ve needed to crunch down and get stuff done, I realize my energy and focus is better in the A.M. So, when possible, I’ve started by getting up early, such as 6 a.m. In the evenings, I’ve also preferred to stay as long as I need to get my job done.

5. Create a 15-minute stretch routine

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According to experts, when we sleep, our muscles are inactive for long periods, our blood flow decreases and less oxygen is in our muscle tissue. Stretching combats this, helping to increase flexibility and wake up our muscles.

I like to do dynamic stretches (like jumping jacks and lunges), and some yoga or pilate poses to get muscles engaged and activated. So, find what works for you and get your morning started right.

6. Eat an energizing breakfast

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What you eat in the morning will set the tone for your entire day. You want to have foods that will optimize your hormones for sustained energy and fat burning.

Here is one breakfast combo to try that will only set you up for success: protein, plus fat, plus veggies. (Think egg whites and yolks-with spinach, mushrooms, and avocado.)

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