Between the effects of the pandemic, sporadic traumatic events in our culture, and the daily stresses that Black women deal with, we'll always have a need for wellness platforms that provide healing and peace for our mental health. For Black women to feel safe in the world, we need to ensure our basic spiritual, emotional, and physical needs are being met.

If you need a place that provides specialized self-care support, check out the below platforms that keep Black women's mental health top of mind.

Transparent Black Girl

Transparent Black Girl is an online wellness collective created out of a desire to build a safe space for Black women. The platform's overarching goal is to provide communal healing across the African diaspora by exploring intergenerational trauma and discussions around mental health.

Ethel's Club

Inspired by matriarch figure Ethel Lucas, Ethel's Club was founded by her granddaughter, CEO Naj Austin, to function as a social and wellness platform that celebrates people of color in both physical and digital spaces. The collective's principles of wellness and creativity power its overall mission to spark meaningful dialogues that inspire the next renaissance of people of color.

Black Girl In Om

Black Girl in Om is a platform designed to help Black women breathe easily. In a world where we're constantly dealing with trauma and mental warfare, platforms like Black Girl in Om help us feel seen, heard, and empowered. With an overall mission to hold and spark healing within Black women worldwide, the platform is unapologetically expanding the minds of Black women to help us become the best versions of ourselves.

Chapter Harmony

Chapter Harmony is a platform that launched back in January 2019 to help Black women know our worth, prioritize our care, and reflect on ourselves by encouraging content such as blog articles, mantras, and inspiring apparel. Chapter Harmony also holds events that provide us with the tools we need to manifest the life we want for ourselves.

Black Girls Breathing

Black girls breathing™ operates as a safe space that offers virtual breathwork circles and a community that helps Black women actively manage our mental health state. According to its website, the platform has since impacted thousands of Black women worldwide and is helping to innovate the wellness industry through free and accessible mental health care for a group that's often overlooked and neglected.

My Brown Box

MyBrownBox – a platform founded by Brittney Marshal – initially launched as one of the first subscription box services designed specifically for women of color. Today, MyBrownBox is recognized as a safe space for millennial Black women to commune through digital experiences, off-line experiences, and live activations that cultivate interests around art, travel, fitness, music, and food through community, wellness, self-care, and self-love.