In the age of COVID, health and self-care have become primal. The idea of living a full and fulfilling, healthy life has become important to many people. To everyone looking to live a whole and healthy life, some apps can help you on your journey. Here is a list of seven apps that can inspire your wholesome health journey. 


ThinkUp is a top-rated self-esteem and confidence-boosting app that guides people through daily steps on what they can do to improve their confidence levels. This app is also one of the top apps that provides positive daily affirmations to improve how people view themselves. ThinkUp's user-friendly interface operates with one clear and undeniable goal—to help people become the most confident and self-assured versions of themselves through a mindset shift.


Jabbie is a body-positive, inclusive app that encourages people to stay healthy by exercising in ways that make sense for their lifestyle. With this app, users can join forces with others who share similar health care journey interests to find a supportive community.

Big Fit Girl

Big Fit Girl is an app that champions fitness should have a weight-neutral approach. This app is perfect for people who have a wide range of ability levels. Some of the video workouts on the app have been created to be in different locations with various intensity levels.

Fitness Marshall

If YouTube is where you go to get your workout in, check out The Fitness Marshall, a channel by Caleb Marshall with over three million subscribers. The videos are creative dance workouts featuring Marshall and other dancers, who represent a wide range of body sizes. Certain modifications are available based on your fitness levels if you are not yet at a specific fitness level.


Joyn is a body-positive fitness app that offers upbeat, joyful movement for everybody and encourages women of all sizes to embrace their body type. They offer a wide array of workouts that you can do while sitting, lying, or standing. Many of their workouts are in the range of 10 to 20 minutes long. What is excellent about this app is that it provides accessibility, convenience, and fun. If you are looking to start working out but don't like the idea of going to a gym, try this app as a first resort.

Build Confidence

Build Confidence is an app that encourages self-care by using guided meditation, relaxation, and self-care exercises to improve self-love and overall confidence. This app aims to help people become the best versions of themselves by offering an array of features that can help you improve your sleep patterns and mood levels as well as boost your weight loss. It also rejuvenates your mind to help you destress, unwind, and deal with your anxieties and fears.


Headspace is an app that encourages meditation for beginners by offering hundreds of healthy and useful mindfulness techniques to help you achieve mental clarity and calm. The added advantage of this app is that there is no need to worry about being too busy to use it because most of the meditations of the app take two to three minutes to complete. This is an excellent app to take advantage of if you find yourself stressed and need to decompress.