If an unforgettable, DIY, Black-owned International Women’s Day is all you desire, you’re in good company. Celebrate big with the women & people you love this March 8th.

International Women’s Day is a chance to celebrate women everywhere. Here at 21Ninety, we’re especially excited to celebrate ourselves, the Black women in our memories, and also in our communities. There is nothing more empowering than finding a safe space to embrace the many layers of womanhood. While we gratefully praise and stay inspired by women every single day, we’re excited to collectively seize the day to celebrate even harder. If you’re searching for DIY ideas to ramp up the fun, borrow some pointers from our list below:

7 DIY Black-Owned International Women’s Day ideas

A photoshoot

Credit: RODNAE productions

A photoshoot to immortalize the moment is the perfect way to celebrate and feel celebrated. Whether you set up the self-timer, photograph each other or hire a local Black woman photographer for the day, your photoshoot is bound to feel special.

Movie night

Gather your people, get the popcorn ready, and prepare to wind down into a night of Black-owned cinema. It’s always great to see Black women taking up space behind and in front of the camera. Whether you select more contemporary films such as Hidden Figures or The Woman King, or opt for classics by Black women Filmmakers, the night will be memorable.

Self-care day

There is very little that will convince us that a self-care day isn’t a good idea. International Women’s day might be the best time to schedule some rest time. Whether you go solo or bring in some company during your self-care, indulge in some well-deserved ease. If you’re into spa days, create your very own spa day experience at home in the spirit of DIY. Other self-care ideas include an at-home facial. Take your pick of clay and mud masks from this Anai Rui clay mask set.

Social media detox

While social media will likely be filled with abundant posts, statistics, and informationally pieces, it may also be a bit overwhelming for some. Take the day back into your own hands and ignore the phone notifications for the day. If you’re an art babe, head down to the gallery in your city- they’ll surely have a display on during the month. True to our DIY promise, another option could be to collage some images of your favorite women and make your home space the gallery. If you’d like another offline alternative, we recommend a Black woman-owned coloring book for some art therapy. Sarina Mantle’s Women + Patterns + Plants’ has been a hit for a minute, and each page shows you why. Get the paints out, keep your glass topped up, and let the neo-soul playlist accompany you through the evening.

Empowering quotes

Empowering quotes + International Women’s Day = correct. Some may find it cringey, but there really is nothing like an affirming quote to get you through the day. Set yourself the challenge of pinning inspiring quotes from Black women around your home space. This could be a great DIY project if you’re with others and everyone brings a few of their favorite quotes to the gathering.

Surprise your loved ones with gifts

Gift the women in your life something special to let them know you’re inspired by them. We’d opt for a book from one of the most inspiring Black women we know, Alex Elle. ‘After the Rain’ is an awesome book that is relatable to several generations. With gentle reminders and prompts, it is the ideal way to encourage the women in your life to claim their softest, most intentional life available. Reading and working through the book together is also a great, intimate book club moment.

Support a Black woman-owned business

As if we needed to say it. Buy yourself some jewelry from a Black woman-owned jewelry line, support a Black woman-owned cannabis brand, or simply buy from Black women in your community. Support your faves and discover some new ones while you’re at it. We show up for a Black-Owned International Women’s Day because we’re making sure Black women feel valued and cared for, today and always.

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