Too often we become so preoccupied with work, relationships, and family that we forget to strike a healthy balance. While work is important, there needs to be a healthy boundary separating professional life from everyday life. Although achieving a perfect work-life balance might seem out of reach, there are some ways to effectively achieve it.

Plan your day

This might seem easier said than done but it is effective. To have a balanced life, it is important to plan every day. Although it can be difficult to know what each day holds, a schedule is important because it gives your day a balanced rhythm.

Make "To-do" Lists

Lists are really important because they can help you to carefully prioritize tasks. Regardless of whether you like to make lists on notepads on your computer or a physical pen and paper, it is important to make a list at the start of each day to have a visual representation of what you have to conquer for the day. If you have a deadline at work, or you have a situation to handle at home, a list can help you to prioritize what is important. 

Manage Your Time Carefully 

Self-awareness is an important component of having a balanced life. To manage your time, categorize your tasks according to your peak hours. Depending on your lifestyle, there may be times when you feel low energy at certain times and other times when you have a burst of energy. Plan to knock out the most stressful and time-consuming tasks on your list around the times when your energy is at its peak.

Set Hours

Having set hours for certain tasks can be a great way to stay on top of your responsibilities. Carve out specific hours out of your day to work, study, or have a little self-care. Whatever task you have to do, try to establish a set time to accomplish it. Another important habit to develop is to separate your work from your personal life. The spike of the pandemic has caused a spike in remote work, leading many people to merge their personal lives and their professional life. To avoid this, discipline yourself to work only during work hours.


There are 24 hours in a day, and as much as you may want to check off all of the items on your list, sometimes, it is simply not possible. Whether you are a business owner, career woman, or stay-at-home mom, the truth is that life can get overwhelming. Outsourcing your tasks to trusted people can significantly free up your time and allow you to address other errands that you have left on the back burner.

Say “No”

Many women struggle with people-pleasing, and that can ultimately lead them to commit to things that take them out of their comfort zones. If you struggle with saying “no” to people, you are not alone. Although it is hard, speaking up when something is inconvenient for you is an excellent way to ensure that you are only committing to things that allow you to live a well-rounded life.

Do what you love

It is easy to lose grasp of work-life balance if you are trying to be successful in your career or goals. If you fall into this category, remember that life is too short, and to be alive, it is important to take care of yourself. Whether it's going to the gym, walking the dog, or painting, take some time to wind down and engage in something you love to do.