Whip out the cinnamon and spice and your at-home bar tools. There’s a number of warm, tasty cocktails that are perfect for the holidays. Raise your glass and celebrate the holiday season with the people you love with one of these rich and creamy drinks. Here are seven festive drinks ideas for the holiday season.

Chocolate Martini

First, pour a little chocolate syrup, choclate liqueur and vodka over ice. Next, shake it up to make the perfect chocolate martini. This festive drink is a decadent treat. You can elevate the beverage by adding a chocolate rim or drizzling chocolate inside your cup.

Close up of a chocolate espresso martini. YUM!

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee has been a staple alcoholic drink for decades. Who doesn’t love spiked coffee? To make this hot and creamy favorite, you’ll need Irish whiskey, brown sugar and lightly whipped cream.

Hot Toddy

Warm up for the holidays with a classic hot toddy cocktail. Your grandparents may drink this frequently. It’s known across generations for helping cure a common cold or a sore throat. Traditionally made with Irish Whiskey, the hot toddy combines whisky, sugar, lemon peel, cinnamon and hot water.

a hot toddy with rum or hot tea with lemon honey and cinnamon

Chai Spiced Mule

The chai spice mule is an autumnal take on a Moscow Mule. You can drink this if there’s a heat wave or a chill in the air. To create the richness of this drink, you’ll need ginger beer, vodka, lime, and chai spices.

White Russian

The good thing about a White Russian is it’s simple to make and delicious! All you need is vodka, Kahlúa and cream. But, make sure you get the proportions of each ingredient right! 

White Russian Cocktail shot in a flat art deco style on a graphic turquoise and grey background with a defined shadow

Winter Daiquiri

This rum-spiked winter cocktail blends dark spirits and bitters to add complex layers and flavors, differing from the drink in the warmer months. For this cocktail you’ll need two types of rum, lime, and simple syrup.

Image of a enticing Alcoholic Beveridge sitting on a table.

Holiday Sangria

This recipe levels up the classic, red wine sangria by adding brandy! That secret ingredient is sure to make this holiday cocktail a crowd pleaser. Grab the brandy, and add it to your favorite red wine, citrusy fruits (like oranges), cinnamon, sugar, and sparkling juice for this holiday treat.

Refreshing drink for summer: two glasses of cold refreshing sangria with fruits arranged all around the glasses shot on rustic wooden table.