They say that money cannot buy love, but it also cannot buy a lot of the things that make life worth living. Some of life’s most precious and valuable gifts, cannot be measured with a price tag. Here’s seven invaluable things that money can’t buy.


As a kid, you used to dream up magical kingdoms and haunted houses. You played dress up and created worlds with your toy cars or dolls. Your imagination is a gift that can truly transport you to different worlds. It has also proven to help us process stress and deal with burnout and exhaustion. As adults, our sense of childlike wonder and play is healing for our minds that are often consumed with worries and to-do lists.

The Feeling of Home

There’s truly no place like home. A house is simply four walls and a ceiling, but a home is a place where you feel safe and loved. A home is full of laughter and warmth. A home is a refuge where you can run to when life gets hard. Nothing can replace the feeling of home.


In our digital age, we are constantly scrolling, swiping, and staring at a screen. However, something timeless that you cannot put a price tag on is how you enjoy nature. Maybe as a kid, you used to play at your local park or ride bicycles around your neighborhood. There was nothing like getting outside and just being in nature.

The Power of Forgiveness

When someone wrongs you or hurts you, it can take time to heal and move forward. It is often said that when you forgive someone it frees you up to move forward. There could never be a price tag on the catharsis of forgiving and letting go.

A Trusted Friend

Our friends are there to cheer for us and root us on. They are also there to hold up a mirror and help us see ourselves more clearly. There’s nothing like receiving honest feedback from a friend. Although it might sting a little, it’s best to receive a loving correction from a friend.

A Sense of Purpose

Working a job where you toil away every day and you hate what you do can start to wear on you. However, finding a sense of purpose (purpose does not only exist in work) will fuel your cup and help you thrive in this life. Finding a sense of purpose will motivate you and inspire you to keep going on the hard days.

Trying Something New

Part of the human experience is trying new things. Oftentimes, we fail. Life knocks us on our butts, and we get to choose to get back up. When you finally succeed at the new thing, the feeling of accomplishment and victory is invaluable. The beauty of trying something new as adults is that it helps build our confidence to know that failure is never final. We can always try again.