Let's be clear before we get into the lessons we learned from the Insecure finale, we must first acknowledge and make it known that Issa Rae shifted the entire culture one episode at a time. From the minute she graced our screens we felt connected in a way that some of us have never felt before. Issa, Prentice Penny, the entire writer's room, actresses, actors and everyone involved gave us timeless pieces of art that we'll never forget and we are immensely grateful. 

Now, although we're sad Insecure had to end we're happy that we got to take away valuable lessons we can apply in life. From friendships to career and love, we learned that we're all battling the same issues and we're not in this alone. Insecure told the story of Black millennial adults going through life just trying to figure it out and here are the takeaways we gathered from the finale. Let's get into it!

1. Friendship

Maintaining healthy friendships in your 20 something's can be challenging! Everyone is trying to figure out life, trying to figure out who they are and also how to elevate in their career. When it came to friendships, Insecure presented many different aspects and dynamics. A few things we took away from the finale is that it's okay to give your friends grace while they're dealing with battles of their own. Every friend won't grow at the same speed you do and that's okay. Sometimes breaks and boundaries in friendships are needed to adjust, internalize and recharge. We also learned that it's important to prioritize and acknowledge the importance of sisterhood. No matter what issue you might be facing in life from love, health, career or even family your sisters will always be there to lift you up, support you and love you. Cherish your tribe, don't neglect them and only call on them when the going gets tough. Love each other through every season and be open and honest with them.

2. Relax, Life Has Just Started

When the first episode of Insecure popped off Issa and her friends were in their late twenties about to enter into their thirties. The pressure of feeling like you have to have your whole life planned out by age twenty-five is actually ridiculous. Why put that weight and anxiety on yourself because of what you see on Instagram, TikTok or Twitter? Most people say your best life starts in your thirties and let's be real, the twenties are ghetto, okay? So relax, life is just beginning! Enjoy the journey and trust the process. 

3. Love

Whew, L-O-V-E not an easy thing and takes a lot of work but in the end it's worth it. Everyone's love life looks different. Your happy ending or fairytale won't look like the next person and hey that's okay! As Prentice Penny said "love is a choice" and once you make that choice, stand on it and do what's best for you. If you feel safe and it makes sense to you then do you boo! 

4. Timing

If we could all have it our way we would have everything we wanted right at this moment. The perfect job, house, relationship, body, material things, etc. but life doesn't work like that! What is for you will be for you at the right time. Nothing and no one can stop that. Don’t force life instead enjoy life, embrace life and live in the now. In regards to love sometimes it might be the right person for you but bad timing. Don’t beat yourself up over this you know the saying “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it's yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.” Nothing real comes forced it’ll happen on its OWN time. 

5. Reality 

Although Insecure was just a show, it portrayed real life situations and the realities we often go through. Women are pressured by society to settle down at a certain age, have kids and juggle life plus their careers all at the same time. First off, everyone doesn’t want to be married or have kids so society can really go to hell. 

Secondly, rushing all of these things into your lifetime just isn’t smart. So many people rush into getting married or having kids without getting to know their partner completely. Saying I do and bringing life into this world is a forever thing so take your time and do it wisely. Molly’s mom wanted to see her married with kids asap, however, Molly’s mother died before she ever got a chance to see this. It sucked but it was Molly’s reality. We all have a reality that we need to live in and when it happens feel what you feel, embrace it, conquer it and grow from it. 

6. Embrace Your Beauty 

Insecure was one of the few shows that embrace the beauty of Black women. They showcased all different sizes, shapes, tones, styles and hair. If you’re natural then you know our hair has a mind of its own and at the end of the day your coils and curls just want to be free. Issa and her team gave us endless natural hair styles episode after episode and put on for us natural girls. Black women saw themselves depicted so beautifully on television screens every Sunday and finally felt seen and heard. Embrace every inch of your being, every flaw and everything that makes you, YOU! 

7. Stop Making Excuses  

“I had to believe that it would work out for it to work.” Wise words from Issa Dee. In this new year of 2022 let’s move confidently towards the things we want! Stop making excuses and allowing doubt to cloud your mind and spirit. If you want to achieve a goal and live out a dream of yours then do it, you’re the only one stopping you. In the finale we saw Issa standing firm in who she became, she stopped doubting herself, stopped talking to the mirror b*tch and in return received the love and career she always wanted. Yes we’re still in a pandemic and trying to adjust to this new way of life but push through it, don’t give up. You got it sis!