One thing that we can say for sure is that you can learn just about anything while scrolling on TikTok or Instagram reels. Whether it’s a clever D.I.Y., miracle products, or places you need to visit, there’s no denying that you can find a trick or tip for pretty much anything. If you’re like us, then one of the best things that you can come across is a makeup hack that either makes the application process easier or cuts your time in half. Here are seven game-changing makeup hacks that we’ve learned from scrolling our feeds.

1. Applying Setting Spray Between Each Layer of Makeup

Of course we’ve told you about the Milk Makeup Hydro-Grip Setting Spray before, but we never thought to use it like this – content creator  Kristen Marie stunned us all when she applied a layer of the Hydro-Grip setting spray in between each layer of makeup. Yes, you read that correctly – each layer of makeup. After primer, after eyeshadow, after foundation… and so on and so forth. Surprisingly enough, after some hours of wear, Kristen returned and showed her flawless makeup still intact and looking fresh. If you’re someone who likes your makeup to last all day, then this definitely a makeup hack you need to try asap! 

2. How to Cut Your Strip Lash Application Time in Half

Lash extensions are definitely all the rage right now, but if you’re old school and still like to apply strip lashes then this is definitely the makeup hack for you! Makeup artist Tijera Raye used Charmed and Armed Vegan Silk Faux Mink Lashes in combination with their lash liner adhesive for a flawless, two second application. Yes, two seconds! The lash liner adhesive is applied directly on the upper lash line and the strip sticks seamlessly on top. No more applying glue over and over to your lashes and then having to move them around once you get them on your eyelid…Talk about ease!

3. How to Apply Concealer, Highlighter and Bronzer with Ease

One of the most challenging things about makeup is not only knowing how to apply it, but where. If you’re someone who loves a full face, highlighter and bronzer – then this hack is definitely for you. Beauty content creator, Sasha, shows us exactly where to place each product on our faces – she starts by informing us to only use concealer under our eyes (no foundation), where we should place our contour, and how to highlight in between the two. 

4. How to Prolong the Wear of Your Foundation and Concealer (For Oily Skin)

When we use our setting powder, it's usually to act as a layer of coverage for the prior products that we’ve applied – who would’ve thought to mix it into those products? Sasha also shows us how mixing her setting powder into her foundation and concealer, then applying it, helped to prolong the wear of these products. Definitely a great hack for those with oily skin to try!

5. How to Reverse Contour 

Want to contour but don’t want to look too harsh? Or you just don’t know how or have any bronzing products? You’re in luck. Makeup artist Karen Jones shows us how to reverse contour, concealing the outer edges of the eyes, nose, mouth, and under the jawline creating a natural, seamless contour that you won’t believe.

6. How to Keep Foundation from Settling into Smile Lines

If there’s one thing we hate when wearing makeup, it’s creasing. Nothing is worse than taking a picture and noticing creasing in your smile lines, under your eyes, or anywhere else. Sasha applies Juvia’s Place eyeshadow primer, pressing it into her smile lines and setting it with a damp beauty sponge. And just like that – problem solved!

7. How to Get the Perfect Lipstick Application

You may think lipstick application is straightforward but – there’s always a tip or trick that you can use to improve. After all, who doesn’t want a flawless color and application? Leilani Green starts by using any leftover foundation to cover her lips, applies her lip liner, follows up with her desired lip colors, cleans up any imperfections with concealer and even adds a red shade to the middle of her lips, topping the look off with gloss. Voila!