In recent months so many different nail trends have popped up. From velvet nails to French mani with a twist, making it hard to figure out which ones you try out. Ahead are five of the top trends you should be on the lookout for. 

Lipgloss Nails 

This nail trend is focused on giving your nails a natural look with a little bit of flare. Imagine if your nails were painted with a clear/ slightly shimmery lip gloss. For lip gloss nails, your nails should be painted with a nude tone fitting your skin tone, then you need to have a white chrome powder go top or glitter, and then a thick top coat so it appears to be translucent.

Velvet Nails

With velvet nails, the goal is to make your nails appear like they have a three-dimensional and velvet-like texture. This manicure is done by using a specific type of nail polish and then using a magnet to move the polish in a specific direction. The end look goal creates an optical illusion making your nail look like they have a luscious velvet appearance. 

Chrome Nails 

If you’re looking for something to stand out, Chrome nails are the way to go. This trend is all about making your nails look like they have a metallic or mirror-like appearance. You can get this nail look easily by choosing a chrome nail polish or by using a non-chrome nail polish and adding on chrome powder with a top coat.

French Mani

Minimalism has become a big thing in the beauty world as of recently, so it’s no surprise that theclassic French mani is circling back. Though this time with a twist. From making your French mani have a V at the end instead of a line or choosing to add a slight ombré – the possibilities are endless. 

Glass Nails

Like lip gloss nails, this trend was conceived by South Korean nail artist Park Eunkyung. For this trend, your nails will have the illusion of having shattered glass over them. To get this look you can use a neutral gel polish and use chrome foils on top. 

Red nails

Nothing says sexy like a classic red nail manicure. This color has resurged with the emergence of the red nail theory, which started and went viral on Tiktok. The theory was first explained by TikToker @girlbosstown.

“I always thought red nails was like a grandma nail color,” she says in the video. “… And then it hit me. In the ’90s, when we were growing up, women had red nails a lot, especially, like, our moms — and I weirdly think guys are attracted to red nails because it reminds them of their moms when they were growing up, taking care of them.”

Milky Nails

If you’re a fan of getting a white nail manicure then this trend is for you. As seen by celebs like JLO and Zendaya, this trend focuses on giving your nails a truculent or milky like appearance. This is not as stark as having full white nails as this mani tends to have a semi-opaque and sheer white look.

KISS Jelly Fantasy Nails-Quince Jelly 

KISS Velour Fantasy Nails-Oh This Red

Sally Hansen Color Foil-Rose Beam

Photo Courtesy of Ulta Beauty

Essie Valentine’s Day Collection-Burning Love

Essie Gel Couture- First Fitting

Photo Courtesy of Ulta Beauty