We’re all for healthy hair on this side and achieving incredible results through natural methods. If your hair is lacking the thickness you desire, try these natural methods to thicken it up — but keep in mind some hair textures are based on genetics:

Use/Make A Hair Mask

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There are so many hair mask possibilities and depending on the need, you can make them with items you already have in your house. Hair masks help to treat damaged hair and could be used as a deep conditioning treatment. Some items to use in your hair mask to thicken your hair are oranges, avocado, eggs, olive oil, aloe etc. 


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Working out helps to improve circulation throughout your body and that includes your hair follicles. Better circulation promotes hair growth and more hair developing at a time. 

Add Oil

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Oils not only help to lock in moisture but each also has its own unique essential it can add to your hair care routine. With most oils, you can either use it as a moisturizer or a deep conditioning treatment. Some oils to consider for thickening hair are castor oil, olive oil, rosemary oil, etc. 

Reduce Heat

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We say this time and time again; you must reduce your heat usage to see changes in your hair’s growth, thickness and overall health. There’s nothing wrong with moderate heat usage, but be cautious when doing so. 

You Are What You Eat

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Be conscious about what you are putting in your body. We should eat foods that fuel our body and provide the nutrients we need to be powerhouses. Your diet affects your hair as well so keep that in mind when making your next meal. 

Less Stress

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The less you stress the more you can progress! We know life comes with its stressors, but when you allow them to completely overtake you, that takes a toll on your body. Try to eliminate the stresses in your life or at least keep them to a minimum. Your body will thank you, including your hair. 

Cut Back On Wash Days

PHOTO: That Sister 

You don’t need to wash your hair as often as you might think. While some people wash multiple times a week, others go for every other week and some even wash their hair once a month. Wherever you wind up in the range, just note that washing your hair less means less of an opportunity to accidentally pull some out and/or strip your hair of helpful oils, vitamins, etc. 

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