If it’s one thing that we love to see, it’s a stunning nail look. Scrolling our social media feeds and seeing the amazing designs that celebrities are able to conjure up with their nail artists truly proves that nothing is impossible. And what’s even better is being able to take these same designs, reimagine them and sport the look ourselves. Here’s seven iconic nail looks that some of our favorite celebrities served in 2021.

1. Cardi B’s Red Hot Corkscrew Stunnas

Cardi B is undoubtedly, the undisputed nail Queen. From rocking ruler-length nails to bedazzling her sets to the extreme, Cardi B has never been afraid to step completely outside of the box and push the limits on nail art. Her most iconic nail look of 2021 was this red hot “swirl/corkscrew” set created by her L.A. based nail artist, Marie Nailz. From the rhinestones to the crazy corkscrew shape, this set embodies the word: innovative.

2. Latto’s “Rolling Latto” Crocodile Nails

Latto is another artist who definitely doesn’t play when it comes to her nail looks. One thing that we absolutely love to see is how Latto effortlessly coordinates her nail looks to match her performance ensembles, and that’s exactly what she did back in July for her Rolling Loud performance. Dubbed the “Rolling Latto” crocodile nails by her nail artist Eri Ishizu, let’s just say: this is definitely a look we had never seen before. 

3. Meg’s Out of This World Galaxy Set

With over a million likes on Instagram, it’s safe to say that not only was this one of our favorite nail sets from Meg Thee Stallion, but definitely the public’s at large. This nail look featured a solar system of planets and galaxy of stars that looked utterly realistic. From the vividness of the colors to the shape and length, if we had to use one word to describe it: ethereal.  

4. Saweetie’s LV Bedazzled Set 

If there’s one thing that our favorite Icy-Girl is going to do, it’s ice her nails all the way out. Saweetie did not think twice about stunting on us when she matched her orange nails to the orange interior of her Rolls Royce, and took things up a notch adding bedazzled jewels and Louis Vuittons logos to top it off. 

5. Heather Sanders Matte and Sparkly Nails 

Heather Sanders laid the blueprint for being the Instagram IT-Girl of nails before it even became trendy. The Los Angeles based Sorella boutique owner and entrepreneur took her credentials up a notch last year when she released her own nail product line, “Money for Nails” featuring neon hues and an ultra-sparkly Disco Collection. Heather took the time to show us just how amazing the quality of her nail line is when she partnered with nail artist Chaun Legend to give us this black, matte and sparkly set.

6. Lizzo’s Extra Long Gold “Rumors” Set

Even head to head with the Nail Queen herself, Cardi B, Lizzo stole the show with her extra-long, gold set for the music video of her single “Rumors.” Created by nail artist Eri Ishizu, this set actually featured gold press on nails, accessorized with vertical rows of square Swarovski crystals, intertwined with gold detailing. One word: stunning!

7. Lil Nas X’s Blinged Out Birthday Nails

Lil Nas X probably had the most expensive manicure in the history of manicures, when he decided to bling his nails all the way out to celebrate his birthday. The $3,000 per nail manicure, used micro-pave VVS stones customized to fit each of his nails. A manicure that also matched his $28,000 opal grill. No one executes on “go big or go home” like Lil Nas X does.