Divorce can be emotionally draining and challenging to get used to. Some days might be harder than others, and even after so many years have passed, it can be a challenge to move on with your love life. If you have recently divorced, here are seven things that you can do to start the healing process.

Cut Off Contact If You Can

Sometimes, former couples need to be friends for the sake of "maturity." Usually, this ends up causing more problems down the line. If you don't have kids together, try to set-up boundaries by cutting ties with your ex for a while. Emotions don't automatically go away after a split and keeping radio silence at least for the first 12 months after the split with no contact can be helpful. If you have kids together with your ex-spouse, work out a clear plan regarding your parent agreement. 


If you have recently divorced you may feel like the world is coming to an end, but this is the opportunity to focus on self-care and body positivity. Put in some effort into self-care and exercise. The flow of adrenaline can be a huge confidence boost, and seeing the results of your hard work, can be a motivator to keep going.

Learn A New Hobby

Hobbies can be soothing and engaging, and they are a new way to refresh your energy positively. If you have old hobbies, those are great to do, but attempt to learn a new hobby that will give you a fresh perspective and a new skill. Many online classes can help guide you and teach you the basics of various new hobbies. Consider learning something new even though it might scare you at first.

Get Money Savvy

A divorce can make finances feel complicated, but this is the perfect time to take steps towards checking in with your finances. You can start by reading about ways to become more financially savvy. If you haven’t done so already, open your own bank account and keep tabs on your credit score. If you have the means, find a financial coach or accountant who will coach you about financial independence. There are many online classes and clubs that you can join to get up to speed on your money business. There are also many online investment tools and apps that can help you get a head start.


If you are going through a divorce, it can tempt you to focus on yourself, but this is the perfect opportunity to volunteer your time by finding a cause that you care deeply about and investing your time, resources, and talents there. This will give you a new perspective and help you to feel gratitude. 

Don't Date Yet

A new divorce can make you feel like you need to meet your next partner immediately. If you are afraid of never being able to love again, desperation can creep in. Don't be quick to jump into the dating pool so soon—instead, take time to become reacquainted with the new, single you. Blindly jumping into a new relationship without a chance to heal can lead you to the wrong relationship. Take your time before romantically connecting with someone again. 

Put Yourself First

It can be hard to be single but don't be terrified. This is an opportunity to rediscover yourself and focus on making you happy for you. If you always felt like a fly on the wall during your relationship, it is time to cater to yourself and hone in on your passions, dreams, and prospects for the future.