Earlier last week performing artist Lizzo shocked many when she played on a 200- year-old crystal flute at a D.C concert.

If you know anything about Lizzo it’s that she’s going to always pop out with a flute.  Many times the artist has gone on to say she is a former band geek. Growing up she was part of the band from middle school to high school.  


Going on to get a full ride to the University of Huston and majored in classical flute. Lizzo for a while had the inspiration of playing and symphony and honing her skills at the Paris conservatory. 

Though that dream did not exactly happen, she has carved a legendary path in her own right.  Earlier this week the singer played on former president  James Madison’s crystal flute. 

The 200-year-old flute had never been played open prior and was gifted to Madison by Parisian flute-maker, Claude Laurent. It was one of two fully crystal flutes in existence.

In celebration of Lizzo’s history-making performance, we’ve rounded up all the times Lizzo has shocked us with her classical flute skills

   2019 BET Performance

This BET performance back in 2019 got the crowd excited. She performed her hit “Truth Hurts” and popped out her flute to serenade the audience.  Her skills were so good she got a clap of approval from Rihanna!

2020 Grammy Performance

She started off her 2020 Grammy performance by dedicating it to the untimely death of Kobe Bryant. From there the songstress jumped into the “Truth Hurts” song and played her flute while her Big Gurl dancers performed alongside her.

2019 Ellen Show Performance

Black when she was still riding to the top, Lizzo appeared on Ellen to promote “Juice”. With this being the first television appearance of her performing the song, she knew she had to pull out all the stops. Towards the end of the performance, she played her flute, showing the crowd her classical talent.

  BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Performance

In her BBC Radio performance she played her single, “ Rumors” live for the first time ever. Adding to the powerful performance, Lizzo pulled out her flute aka Sasha the Flute for a little extra flare.

James Corden Carpool Karaoke

On an appearance at James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, Lizzo graced us with her flute playing abilities once again. She played on a flute provided by Corden, which she described as being a beginner’s flute. Noting that the closed holes on the flute were a sign of this.

Met Gala 2022 Red Carpet Look

At the 2022 Met Gala, Lizzo was already stunning in her hand hand-embroidered dress by Thom Browne but her 18-karat flute added even more glamour. The green flute she brought with her was made by John Lunn and was worth $55,000. At the request of the media, the artist played a couple of notes, showcasing her years of talent.

 Saturday Night Live Sketch Appearance

In a sketch for SNL Lizzo showed off her comedy skills and musical talent. For the sketch, she played a flute singer who couldn’t play correctly unless she was standing up and twerking. Since this is how she feels the music.