If you are anything like me, your morning starts off waking up tangled in your sheets, phone in one hand scrolling through emails and tweets. The way you start your morning can dictate how to rest of your day will go, so here are a few things you can do to have a tangle-free morning.

Meditate or pray  

The world is so fast paced nowadays that it’s hard to be still. However, it’s very important to rest your mind, body and spirit every day. The best way to practice being still is meditating and praying. It is found that doing these practices increases dopamine, the happy chemical.
Photo from the Jamaican Yoga Association

Set an intention 

When you wake up, set an intention for your day. Do you want to be productive? Connect with people? Dedicate this day to self-love? Whatever the case, speaking your purpose helps you set the tone for the day. Shine is a free resource you can use to help you set your intentions.


Too tired to hit the gym after work? Try working out in the morning instead. Putting exercise first on your to-do list can energize you, boost your metabolism, and help you stay focused throughout the day.
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Start journaling

I’ve been journaling since the time I was able to write. Have I been consistent? Nope. But whenever I needed to vent or had an idea, journaling has helped me out. The practice helps relieve physical and mental stress, which in turn can remove mental blockages or decrease the symptoms of arthritis and asthma.

Drink tea or warm lemon-infused water 

Sleep can dehydrate you. Wake up your system by pouring a nice cup of tea or warm lemon water. The benefits are endless, such as helping you maintain a healthy weight and boosting your immune system.
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Make a green juice or smoothie  

Another way to wake your system up is to drink something green! Green juices and smoothies have many benefits, such as boosting energy and promoting healthy hair, skin and nails. Don’t know whether to choose between making a juice or a smoothie? Well, your body absorbs nutrients faster when you drink a green juice, while green smoothies are more filling due to high fiber content. Here’s a dope green juice recipe to get you started.

Listen to motivational videos or audio 

Sometimes you need an extra boost of inspiration. Why not listen to your favorite podcast or motivational YouTube while you're getting ready to start the day? My personal favorites right now are The Friends Zoneand Brittspiration by Brittany Josephina.

Do one or all of these practices to have a more purposeful morning.