November is the month focused on gratitude and appreciation. You know that feeling when you express appreciation and sincere value toward another person. Well, research shows that practicing gratitude can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. A single act of gratitude is said to increase happiness by 10 percent. Gratitude is associated with happiness, and it cultivates positivity. We love to see more positive vibes and true Black girl happiness.

Here are seven ways to show gratitude this season.

Journal Daily

Journal about what you’re grateful for. A gratitude journal is an opportunity to take stock of the things and people around you that add value to your life. Writing down what you are grateful for helps you to reflect on the good things in your life, center yourself, and reduce daily stress.

Compliment Someone

Verbal affirmations are a way to show sincere appreciation for them. Be intentional with your compliments, and express gratitude for the things that make the people in your life uniquely who they are. Maybe you have a friend who always drops everything to help you, or you have a kind and encouraging neighbor. Compliment them for their unique character traits.

Give a Gift

A token of appreciation goes a long way. It does not have to be large or expensive. Pay attention to the person’s interests to give a meaningful gift. The possibilities are endless. You can offer flowers, chocolates, a cologne, or a baked treat. Intentional gift giving can be a great way to express appreciation. 

Perform an Act of Service

Another tool for expressing gratitude is to perform acts of service. These can be small gestures of kindness like leaving a tasty, baked dessert at your neighbor’s door, getting groceries for your roommate for the week, or treating your partner to date night. Acts of kindness can go a long way in showing people that you value them. 

Do Something They Enjoy

If you are trying to show gratitude for someone, there’s nothing better than quality time. Express your appreciation by spending quality time doing something they enjoy. Maybe it’s eating at a restaurant with their favorite cuisine, an activity like rock climbing, or going to see their favorite movie. Take time to celebrate other people by doing things they enjoy.

Write an Appreciation Note

A letter or note of appreciation is a way to jot down your thoughts and feelings of thanks. In a digital age, an appreciation note goes a long way and will stand out in a sea of text messages and social media posts. A handwritten note is a meaningful and keepsake gift.

Acknowledge Someone Publicly

Last but not least, one way to show gratitude is public acknowledgment. Whether you post about your significant other on social media or give your coworker a shoutout on the Slack channel, outward acknowledgment is a way to go above and beyond in appreciation.