Once you get into the routine of working out regularly, it's time to start incorporating regular, targeted exercises to focus on specific areas of your body. Cardio and full-body workouts are awesome, but knowing that you're making the most of certain muscle groups can help you to notice progress even sooner.

Check out what some of these top fitness YouTubers do to target their arms. Summer is a great time to show off your strong arms in tank tops and shorts sleeves. No matter if you're a beginner or super advanced, love yourself where you are and take pride in showing yourself attention in the form of fitness.

Anyone can do these five exercises.

And if you have resistance bands, these are super helpful.

For those Michelle Obama arms.

No equipment? No excuses.

If you only have a few minutes, that's fine too.

Let's tone it up.

And if you need a fun, upbeat workout, try this one