Minimalism — the word itself makes people confused and fearful all at the same time. Once thought to be a decor and personal style aesthetic where the formerly rich abandoned their wealth in order to seek a more austere form of living, minimalism took the world by storm a few years back and left most of us thinking "Who in their right mind would want to give up all their stuff to have four white walls, wooden floors and one house plant and maybe a chair?"

However, since its debut, some of us have gotten a hold of the concept and discovered what mama and them used to tell us — "Money can't buy you happiness." 

No, these women did not toss out everything they own except for the aforementioned chair and houseplant. They did, however toss out their need for consumption, things that no longer served them, and clothes that were not worthy of their bodies, in order to find something that most of us are longing for; freedom. They are relatable and down to earth, still choosing the occasional shopping trip but now, they have found a deeper joy in their purchases, more freedom in their finances, and a deep connectedness to their actual desires.

Here are 8 dynamic and unique women of color who have embraced minimalism.

Roe of @BrownKids

Minimalist couple Roe and her partner E share their practical simplicity and intentional living in authentic, insightful and funny posts. Whether it's posting their peaceful living or sharing how Roe eliminated $11k in credit card debt in less than 9 months, this account is a great place to start if you’re embarking on a minimalism journey.


Author CP Patrick shares how she is actively transitioning into minimalism and enjoying abundant living all while creating in her impeccably decorated 635 square foot condo.


Blogger and Youtuber Deb approaches simplicity with style, uniquely using spirituality and frugality to her brand of minimalism. That and some pretty stand-out outfits from her own curated wardrobe are serious #goals.


Born in Zimbabwe, raised in Botswana, the now Kansas-resident blogger and podcaster Farai Herrald shares her minimalism journey as a family woman.  


Founded by Farai Herrald (mentioned above), Yolanda Acree, Kenya Cummings, and Anekia BrownBlack Minimalists is a growing and thriving community, podcast and resource for people of color who love a simple life and crave their own space. 


Minimalist Chics is an Instagram/limited-series podcast featuring two long-time besties, Deanna and Breena, who are on a journey to figuring out adulting.

United Kingdom dweller Antónia Prata shares stories of identity, perseverance, joy, all while embracing the liberty and abundance of "slow living" stylishly. 


J. Chavae is a YouTuber, writer and healer who blesses the 'gram with her soulful, connected, and rooted approach to wellness, simplicity and minimal living.

Whitney Alese is a writer and blogger from Philly who loves coffee, reusable bags, and Jesus — not in that order.