Most of us spend more time in the bathroom than you'd like to admit. What with getting ready in the morning to ending your evening, it’s essential to our daily routines. Unfortunately, oftentimes the bathroom is also the smallest space in an entire house. This is especially the case when you start to account for all the products and tools that you use and store within. Between your towels and hair tools, things can get very cramped. Here are some DIY projects to help you with maximizing your storage and make your life easier when it comes to your bathroom.

Hanging baskets

These baskets will free up limited counter and floor space so that your tiny bathroom doesn’t have to feel too small. They’re great for holding up everything from towels to toilet paper. Here’s how to rig them on the wall

Wooden signs

These are great decorative elements for any bathroom. You can put up your favorite inspirational quote or funny limerick. Whatever you choose, here’s a great guide to making your own.

  1. Squatty potty

It might be weird to talk about, but some people seriously swear by this product in helping them be regular. Here’s how to make your own to test it out. 

Shoe rack storage

Stick a shoe rack behind your bathroom door to store all of your accessories that you don’t have room for. Here are a few tips on how to maximize this storage space. 

Magnetic makeup board

If you're a beauty hoarder and love to keep all the products in the world, you’re going to need somewhere to store everything. Build this magnetic makeup board so that you can see everything you’re working with in the mornings. 

Second shower rod

A second shower rod can be used to hold anything that your small tub doesn’t have the capacity to handle. Stick a few hooks on there for baskets for your shampoo, shaving cream or loofah. Here’s how to install it in your shower. 

Toilet shelf

Above the toilet can be a great place to maximize storage in your bathroom. If you’re especially handy, this project can be completed with a few scraps of wood. Here’s how.

Cake stand storage

This storage can be put underneath your sink or even next to your bathtub depending on your space. Here’s a guide to repurposing this kitchen accessory.