So, let's admit it, we've all had that moment. The one where you are so hyped to try out the new hairstyle you saw on your celeb crush or your favorite Youtuber drops a poppin' new video on how she slayed her wig and you're thinking, " I CAN DO THAT!"  

It doesn't always turn out how you imagined. Sometimes it's a complete and utter #HAIRFAIL. But every now and then, you might discover some new styling tricks or a whole new look that works for you. 

Take a lesson from these 8 ladies who were brave enough to share their #Hairfails with the world:

1. Envy deladyd

2. Dez Naomi

3. NotYourAverageCurl

4. Keeping It Breezy

5. Jasmine Long

6. GiGi Beauty

7. MissChrissyJaye

8. shelly p.