Let’s be real, going through a breakup absolutely sucks. If it weren't for the Ben and Jerry’s and a good Netflix series, I think it’s safe to say that we’d all go absolutely crazy when it comes to moving on and letting the past simply be the past. When it comes to our healing journeys, it’s easier said than done. The work is absolutely excruciating, especially when this is someone we envisioned a future with. 

Talking to someone every day to, now, not having any communication with them is difficult, however, you’re not alone as there are so many newly separated couples that are trying to navigate life solo, and are starting to open themselves to the world of spirituality. If you’re going through a tough breakup, or are trying to believe in love again, here are eight must-have crystals that can help heal your heart and mind to help you move forward. 

Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals for opening up your heart chakra, especially after going through a breakup. This special love crystal is said to attract love, restore harmony and balance in your relationships, bring loving vibes, and help to enhance your heart space. This crystal is extremely positive for honing in on self-love while bringing rejuvenation back into your life to heal your emotions. It’s easy for us to harbor negative emotions and resentment towards our ex-lovers, however, one of the best ways we can move forward is by keeping our heart space open with the help of Rose Quartz to get you there. 


Malachite is extremely beneficial for releasing pain from the body and is the best crystal for heartbreak. Going through a rough breakup can most definitely hurt like hell, however, malachite can help the pain just a bit more. The green and oval-shaped stone also helps to relieve trauma from the body and is great for meditating through painful triggers and emotions. 


Going through a separation with a significant other can result in an imbalance in our masculine and feminine energies, therefore it’s so important that we learn to remain grounded through the hurt and the painful moments. Amazonite properties can help you balance your feminine and masculine natures, allowing you to feel more in the flow with life and more trusting of the future to come. 


Adventurine is a great crystal to use for abundance, prosperity, and luck in situations. It’s easy for us to fall into negative slumps after a breakup that can feel extremely dark to get out of. The Adventurine crystal can help us to attract more positive situations, circumstances, and even people within our lives that match our energy to the fullest. This stone can also help to bring more peace and calmness within our lives which can put us in a space of cultivating a higher vibrations for us. 


Getting up every day and continuing our everyday lives can be extremely difficult after going through a breakup, especially if we're in a negative head and heart space. Jade properties can help us to heal and renew our energy, and also helps to protect us from deceitfulness, negativity, and limiting thoughts/beliefs that can hinder our growth. 

Pink Tourmaline 

Pink Tourmaline is the crystal of love, light, and energy healing. It helps to calm our energies from distress, anxiety, and panic attacks that can often follow after going through a rough separation. 

Peach Agate 

As a protective stone, Peach Agate is great for self-acceptance, healing, and transformation. By helping to calm the heart and the mind from negativity, the properties of the Peach Agate are extremely beneficial for letting go and moving on. 


Honing in on stimulating physical and spiritual energies, Rhodochrosite helps to charge the soul while energizing the heart space. The pink stone helps to also enhance sexuality, activeness, reduces negativity.