The thrill of being in a new relationship can be intoxicating. From the late-night calls to all the giggles and excitement that comes with feeling yourself falling for someone. It can be quite an experience. However, some people might have a harder time moving on from that one person that seemed to fit seamlessly into their lives. Whether you happen to be doing this unconsciously or you suspect that you might, here are eight warning signs that your new fairytale romance might be recycled.

They Trash Talk Their Ex: 

Anyone that can't seem to stop highlighting how terrible their last relationship was might just be using you as a balm to soothe a recent or more aged wound. Whether they admit it or not, their ex is still on their mind, and the trash talk might be a simple manifestation of the fact that they can literally not get their ex off their minds.

The Break Up Was Recent: 

Although this might be different for a lot of people, if your new boo just got out of a relationship less than a month before you two met; they might just be looking for a quick fix for their heartbreak.

They Love Bomb You. Publicly: 

Not to say that you are not absolutely deserving of all the finer things that life and love have to offer, but if you just got into a relationship less than two weeks ago and your partner already feels comfortable buying you very flashy statement gifts– and posting them online, it might be a sign that they want their ex to see all the nice things that they lost out on. They might be using you as a signpost for how amazing they are. Yes, you are deserving, but it might be more about them than it is about you.

You Feel Compared

If you constantly feel like there's a third party, you constantly have to one-up or be better than, this might be because you are being measured by memories that your new boo shared with their ex. You can pick up on this with the snarky comments disguised as jokes or the fact that they find you underwhelming. Now, it is important to understand that this has absolutely nothing to do with you, and it is in no way your fault!

They Rush Your Relationship: 

Anyone that sees you in their life for a long time will see no reason to rush the things that will inevitably come with time. While there will always be outliers, it is highly unlikely that your two-week-old relationship warrants you two adopting a dog immediately. They might want to force or feign a connection that only time can establish.

They Recycle Spots With You: 

If you notice that your new partner seems to talk about all the hot spots and the secret nooks and crannies in town that they visited with their ex and then later take you there, it might just be a sign that they are recycling spots that they have already been to. It might also be a subtle indicator that they don't regard you as being worth the effort. They might be trying to relive old memories or blot them out with new ones. You deserve better.

They Are Super Casual About Everything: 

They never seem to have any concrete plans set in place, and they always have a "let's see how it goes" attitude when it comes to your relationship. If they have not even factored you into their plans in the long term and cannot give you a realistic picture of where they see you in their lives and vice versa, they might just be keeping you on until they are ready to heal or until their ex takes them back.

They Over-Advertise You: 

If you find your new boo constantly wanting to post you when you go out or continuously introducing you to all the people you come across as their "World" within the first few weeks of dating, then you might want to re-evaluate the whole relationship. While it is possible that they might be very excited to be in a relationship with you, if it is excessive, it is a warning sign and a red flag.

Love is a beautiful thing, but you deserve your own custom-tailored love story free of the fear that you might be someone's rebound. Free of the pain of being compared to another person's memory. You are not something to be used, you are not medicine, and you are not a quick fix. You ultimately decide the course of your life by choosing what to allow, but regardless of what you discover about your new relationship, you are worthy of love, and above all, you are enough.