Navigating life as a dark or brown-skinned woman in a society that has highly unrealistic standards can be daunting. While colorism is slowly being tackled through inclusivity, constantly being branded "too dark" for certain colors can be discouraging. However, 2022 is all about healing and breaking away from toxic mindsets that may have influenced and limited our options. The onslaught of COVID-19 and its variants have indeed pushed people worldwide into masks; there are still numerous opportunities to rock your favorite lipstick color. Zoom meetings, for example, are also excellent opportunities to rock your favorite lip color. Whether you're here to know what colors complement your beautiful dark or brown skin, or you're here to educate yourself to help a friend, here are eight lip colors that look stunning on brown and Black girls.


A bold metallic or a subtle ombre compliments dark and brown skin perfectly. Purple is one of the many colors that complement the diverse undertones of Black and brown skin.


Whether it is a deep, rich hue of red or a lighter, more summery shade, red adds an extra pop to the skin and provides a lovely contrast. It is a bold stunner that can be worn alone or paired with a vast array of other colors.


Although this might seem like a safe option at first glance, the many shades of brown are perfect for creating a lovely gradient lip. Paired with a darker brown and a clear or metallic gloss, brown can make a full face of makeup on its own. It is the moment, and so are you.


Burgundy always understands the assignment for a sultry nighttime look or a fun and airy picnic date. Depending on the colors it's paired with, it can be upscaled or downscaled to achieve any vibe you want.


Pink can be rocked as an easy glossy look or toned down more neutral matte. With both cold and warm undertones, it complements brown and dark skin flawlessly by contrasting it without dominating it.


Magenta is perfect for brightening a low-key outfit or upscaling a soft glam look. It works perfectly as a gradient color, so you can always opt to outline your lips and highlight the middle with this stunning shade.


This is the holy grail for soft glam looks. It has so many different shades under it. Whether it be a quick and easy no-makeup look or a more glammed-up moment, you can never go wrong with nude.

Absolutely Any Color That Makes You Feel Like the Stunning Woman You Are: 

Beauty has no limits, and you should be your own trendsetter. Skin is so diverse and beautiful find what makes you feel amazing; it might even be green lipstick! Find your vibe, and you'll never care what the beauty industry dictates to you again.