Shea butter is a product everyone should have in their regimen. Although shea butter has a variety of different purposes, one of its best assets is that it can do wonderful things for your hair. Shea butter can soften frizzy hair to make it more manageable, prevents hair from drying out and becoming brittle, and seals in moisture. If you’re looking for some ways to switch up your natural hair routine, check out these cool DIYs with shea butter! 

DIY Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner

Photo: I Love Shea Butter

If you’ve been looking for a new leave-in conditioner, try a shea butter DIY version.

DIY Curl Cream 

Photo: Style Tips 101

Try this DIY curl cream as an alternative to store-bought mousses and gels. This recipe includes aloe vera gel and coconut oil as well. 

Hair Growth Mix

Photo: Beauty Munsta

This hair growth mix combines shea butter, coconut oil and castor oil (essentially the holy trinity of hair products). If you’re looking for growth, add this to your routine.

DIY Shea Butter Hair Pudding 

Photo: I Love Shea Butter

This hair pudding will help give your hair grip and hold for gorgeous curls. Skip your curl smoothie next month and try this out instead.

DIY Whipped Shea Butter for Skin and Hair 

Photo: Organic Authority

The best part about this DIY is that you can make slight substitutions in this recipe to make it suitable for your hair or for your skin.

Avocado Shea Butter Hair Mask 

Photo: Beauty Munsta

If you’re happy with all the products you use to keep your curls looking good, try adding this hair mask. This is a great way just to give your hair a slight refresh without swapping out your already-loved products. 

DIY Hair Pomade

Photo: Mommypotamus

This DIY styling wax is a great product to have on hand. It's perfect for touch-ups and lying down stubborn frizzies and flyaways, this pomade also includes jojoba oil (another oil that hair absolutely loves). 

DIY Mango and Shea Butter Recipe for Dry Hair

Photo: Frolicious

If the winter has absolutely ravaged your hair (and made it brittle, dull and dry), add this whipped mango and shea butter recipe to your hair routine. This recipe also includes jojoba, castor and coconut oil.

Curly Castor Oil Protein Treatment

Photo: Naturally Curly

This protein treatment includes shea butter, castor oil and coconut oil. This treatment can be used once a month for stronger, healthier curls. This is a great DIY to supplement your routine.