Crystals can help to bring spirituality and good energy into your life. Healing crystals are a way to manifest intentions, shift your energy and heal your mind and body. More and more people are beginning to incorporate crystals into their daily lives, whether it be through jewelry or meditation. Even celebrities like Adele, Naomi Campbell and Miranda Kerr have discussed how strongly they believe in the power of crystals. 

Getting started with healing crystals can be intimidating and confusing, but if you’re interested in integrating crystals into your everyday life, simply read the following beginner’s guide to healing crystals: 

Choose your crystal(s) and cleanse their energy

Different crystals are known for having different powers and uses. Some common ones are: 

Amethyst: Known to help purify the mind and clear it of negative thoughts, including stress and anxiety. Amethyst is known to be especially helpful in terms of work-related stress. 

Citrine: known to have properties of wealth and abundance. It's also linked to the creative process. 

Clear Quartz: known to intensely resonate with the body. It is considered to be a universal healer and linked to all chakras of the body. 

However, there are dozens and dozens of different crystals, each with their own uses and properties. 

After purchasing your crystal, you might want to cleanse or purify it. This means you're cleansing the crystal of the energy of the hands that have previously touched it. Some ways to cleanse your crystal include running it under water and leaving it in the sun or moonlight for a few hours or immersing it in the smoke of a sage stick. 

This step can be especially important when it comes to crystals like clear quartz, which is considered to have amplification properties. 

Set your intentions

Healing crystals manifest your intentions, so when you buy a crystal it is important to set your intentions. For example, Obsidian is known for its stabilizing and grounding properties. If you find yourself spread out too thin or feeling an extreme amount of anger, an example of an intention may be to focus on what matters or to release your anger. You can set an intention by holding the crystal in your hand, praying, clearing your mind, or stating your intention to yourself. 

Use them 

Like anything in life, healing crystals will help most when they are used often and fully incorporated into your life. They can be worn, incorporated into meditation or yoga practice, kept under your pillow, placed around your living or work space, or even used in a bath. Find what works best for you and aligns the most with your intentions. 

This is just a simple guide, and there is much more out there on the internet! Nevertheless, I hope this helps get you started on your spiritual journey with healing crystals.