There is nothing to cast an involuntary smile over our faces more than Black women in front of art, taking their rightful place as muse. These days, scrolling through social media shows just how many different spaces Black women are taking up. We don’t think anybody is shocked to find that the Artsy girls have made themselves known.

The simple beauty of existing, as Black women in front of art

It’s the simple sight of Black women being, that’s what we’re here for. With ‘Soft Life’ popping up in 2022 and seemingly making itself a home this year, Black women are taking it easy. Ethereal or casual, the beauty is in the rested, unhurried Black woman being celebrated to the fullest – next to the prettiest painting in the gallery, at that.

The glory of Black women basking in aesthetically delightful things is what we want to see all 2023. So, the “I like art” kind of girls, stand up (and get in frame). These 8 pictures of Black women posing in front of art will be all the inspiration you’ll need.

Here are some of our favorite Black women showing us how it’s done – with all the ease in the world.

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Check out the list of Black women in front of art for your soft life mood board

Jae Daisy

A true Black girl artsy vibe, Jae Daisy immediately comes to mind when we talk about soft life meeting Afro-centric art. Jae Daisy’s ethereal art affirms Black beauty and livelihood. The art and the artist leave us yearning for the softest version of life.

Shawntya Joseph

YouTuber Shawntya Joseph matched the regal and unbeatable energy of Accra, Ghana. One thing is for sure, the colors are as on-point as the elegance in this classic capture. If nothing else, we know that Black women belong in art galleries, admiring and being rightfully admired.


A viral artist and a true treasure to the art world, there is no profile we’d recognize sooner than Velma Rosai-Makhanda’s. The warmth in these shots and the sheer ease is what makes it feel otherwordly. In case you hadn’t guessed, we’re sold.

Mia Ghogho

Artist and designer Mia Ghogho always finds the best art galleries and the best outfit to match all around the world. It’s a never ‘miss the mark’ type of situation, and this post is no exception. Here Mia Ghogho serves all the looks aside contemporary artist Na Chainkua Reindorf’s art while in Accra, Ghana.

Doriana Diaz

As a poet and a curator, Doriana Diaz understands how to recognize, create and archive the joys of existing in collective Blackness. With her experience documenting the diaspora through art and travel, we can’t get enough of the limitless creativity through her collage work and beyond. Doriana Diaz’s Instagram posts are carefree, authentic, and give endless Sunday.

Cheyenne Adler 

It’s something about Black women indulging in art days that makes us smile. What is not to adore about the pink and nude hues and the textures? It is a loud (but gentle) ‘yes’ from us. Cheyenne checks out the Anya Paintsil exhibition and reminds us that NYC really is the place to get lost in top-tier art galleries.


We couldn’t have said it better, art hanging with art is indeed the theme here. It’s giving soft life deluxe and color block goodness. This is the perfect reminder that color therapy and being among stunning pieces will instantly set you apart.

Multi-generational awe: Black women in front of art

It surely can’t get softer than this. Another reason we enjoy stumbling across images of Black women and girls enjoying art is to witness all generations feeling seen. Not only is it the visibility that we admire, but the insistence of reimagining Black womanhood as deserving of softness, in flesh and on canvas. The piece named ‘Confined to the Troposphere’ by Chinaedu Nwadibia is truly the life art imitates in full force.

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