As the conversation around sexuality continues to expand, it appears that Professor Utonium (you know, the dad from "The Powerpuff Girls") got it wrong. It seems women were created with sugar, spice and a shortage of sexual satisfaction. Is it possible that while some women have to rely on themselves (and their toys) to be sexually satisfied, somehow men were created with snips, snails and an ideological view centered on dominating the female body rather than pleasing it? Possibly. 

Or maybe it’s just really hard to rationalize why it took us 1,600 years to get an edition of The Kama Sutra from the point of view of a woman. 

Earlier this year, The Folio Society released its edition of the The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana, a seven-part guide on the pursuit of happiness. Famed for its illustrations and advice on sexual techniques, award-winning illustrator Victo Ngai vividly re-imagines the ancient text from a woman’s point of view, as the first to ever do so. 

Geared toward a modern audience, The Folio Society is only offering a limited 750 copies at the price of $595.00. 

Dating back to the third century A.D., the original manuscript was written by men for men. Nonetheless, Ngai believes she has brought a new feminist perspective the historical text. 

"Examining the pieces now in hindsight, I believe I did subconsciously worked (sic) from a female-centric perspective," Ngai told The Daily Mail. "For example, many of the scenes are composed in a way that situates the viewers in the women’s point of view, while the writing often reflects the patriarchal attitude of its time."

"Kama Sutra in its essence is a guidebook of achieving good Karma — love, sensual pleasure — which is one of the four purusarthas or goals in life," she continued. "Sex is a big part in the book, but there’s so much more to it than just intercourse positions, contrary to its portrayal in popular cultures. So instead of creating illustrations which are overtly sexual, I tried to walk the fine line of creating something that’s tantalizing, yet thoughtful and elegant at the same time."

While widely considered to be the primary Sanskrit work on human sexuality, The Kama Sutra also offers advice on matters such as having a courtesan and maintaining a happy home for both the incumbent and the wife.   

The Folio Society’s book also includes 25 black and white interpretations of the sexual positions and a signed artist’s print of an affectionate couple locked in a thigh embrace.

Watch a preview of the new edition from The Folio Society below:


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