If you are a fan of Saweetie, you know that she is no stranger to reinventing herself. As most of her rap predecessors have done, Saweetie has mastered the art of using her allure and flamboyant flair to assert her presence and make a prolific statement about her brand, her confidence, and feminism. Last year, the 28-year-old rapper went on Instagram to flaunt her edgy new hairdo, a stunning platinum-blonde buzz cut. Recently, she has revamped the color by changing it to a candy-colored fuschia pink hue. This is not the first time that Saweetie is switching things up. Ever since she took the music industry by storm, she has remained a fan favorite. Her sex appeal, intelligence, and confidence have challenged many women to tap into their inner-strength and fully embrace the things that make them feel beautiful, liberated, and unapologetically authentic.


From the beginning, the “Icy Girl” has been intentional about empowering women to be financially savvy, stay in their lane and work hard and smart. Her buzz cut is an empowering ode to feminism through the belief that women have the power to be in control of their economic and personal prosperity. Saweetie’s career has afforded her the opportunity to sign major endorsement deals like the one that she just signed with MAC.


The “Best Friend” rapper has been fearlessly changing fashion rules. Although the pandemic changed how people dressed up, Saweetie continued to evolve her wardrobe and add new and exciting looks that honed her versatile style. Her style knows no boundaries, and her new haircut is the cherry on the top.

Sexual Liberation

Sexual liberation is not about promiscuity, but rather a way to become so in tune with yourself that the opinions, thoughts, and interjections of others do not phase you. As someone who is no stranger to exuding confidence, sex appeal, and liberation, Saweetie is making a reverberating statement with her hair. It is a statement that empowers women with the confidence to tap into their sex appeal. Although many women prefer to stick to long, full tresses because they are self-conscious, Saweetie only proves that beauty and sex appeal don't have to come from external fixtures. It vibrates from within.