Crystals. Earth's mysterious and powerful gifts of nature. And along with other modalities and practices such as meditation and yoga, they seem to be increasing in popularity. After all, what’s not to like about a tool that helps with intention setting, positivity, universal alignment and manifestation?! *clutches crystals while wishing for a hot tub*

Imbued with the magnetic energy of the earth, crystals have had a definite place in human history for millennia. We utilize them to ward off harm, heal and attract prosperity. When we set intentions with crystals, they become a focal point for us, bringing us back to that intention. We still have to show up and do the work — but crystals are great tools for helping us notice opportunities we could otherwise miss, and they're so gorge for your workspace!

Here are four crystals you should keep handy to boost your productivity:

Clear Quartz

Photo: Just In Modern

One of my favs, it usually shows up on almost every “crystals for…” Google Search. Why you may ask? Well, it's probably due to its amazing ability to manifest reality and amplify energy. Clear quartz brings clarity to the mind — perfect when you need to focus on articulating ideas. It’s a great stone for intention setting and as a bonus, clear quartz amplifies other crystals around it. Get you some to prepare for this Mercury retrograde were about to go through. Whew, chile! 

Hold it in your hand and say: I invite focus and attention into my projects.


Photo: The Healing Chest

Yellow citrine graces any space with light and positivity. If you like the sun, sunflowers or bright, airy flower-filled fields, this stone is for you. It boosts creativity as it is connected to your sacral chakra. As a reminder to bring joy, imagination, and confidence into your work, try placing a citrine on your business cards. 

Hold it in your hand and say: I invite creativity and happiness into my personal and work life.

Black Tourmaline

Photo: Crystal Vaults

If you have haters, which let's face it, most of us do, this stone is def for you. This jet black stone absorbs negative energy around it like a sponge and releases it as positive energy, which makes it great if you encounter difficult situations in your workspace or toxic individuals. If you're a health-centered babe, the black tourmaline also absorbs electromagnetic energy transmitted from electronics — keep one near your phone or computer to dispel those detrimental waves. 

Hold it in your hand and say: I am grounded in positivity in all I say and do.


Photo: The Spruce

Sometimes called ‘fools gold’ due to its gold-like flecks, Pyrite attracts luck, success and wealth. Pyrite protects against debt and uses your third eye chakra energy to attract prosperity. If you’ re ready to take action to achieve your dreams and aspirations, then be a rock star in your meditation practice by incorporating Pyrite and its divine guidance. 

Hold it in your hand and say: I act clearly and consciously from my deepest truth.


Photo: Healing Crystals

Known as the ‘ambition’ stone, the Goldstone crystal’s energy is linked with boosting your drive and confidence, the essential mindset for paving the way for all your dreams to come true, regardless of how crazy or wild. Like a cheerleader for the soul, the Goldstone crystal is a special stone that gets its shimmery appearance from Quartz and sand glass that’s been infused with copper particles, giving it a signature glistening luster. The heavenly sparkles remind us that light can always be found in the darkness. We all walk in the shadows from time to time but Goldstone shows us how to turn on our own inner light of radiance and joy. 

Hold it in your hand and say: I sparkle like the universe.

With or without the science, if you believe crystals (or any other practice) help you, then they do. There are many explanations, perspectives and experiences of reality within our little corner of this limitless universe. Trusting yourself and taking time to explore any new practice is the key to understanding yourself and uncovering how to awaken a little of your magic in the world.

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