Society polices Black hair and styles despite legislation enacted by The Crown Act. Black people endure hair discrimination and biases. Recently, a white TikToker received backlash for describing certain Black hairstyles as “not elegant.” The “Elegance and Etiquette coach” deemed Black hair unprofessional and unkempt. 

Why is This a Problem?

Photo credit: Mikhail Nilov

The TikToker curates content and categorizes trends as “not elegant” or “elegant.” According to Yahoo News, she listed numerous Black hairstyles, such as bantu knots, short curly afros, curly buns and ponytails under her “not elegant” category. Her discriminatory post did not go over well.

The now deleted video created a lot of controversy. People offended by the TikToker’s comments on Black hairstyles, commented, stitched, screen recorded and shared the post. One user commented that she just wants to exist. Another Black woman responded, condemning those who criticize Black hair.

“We create art,” the user commented.

The TikToker who posted the video claimed that she was trying to be inclusive and refused to apologize.  

Allies Came To Black Women’s Defense 


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The video sparked controversy on the application. TikTokers stitched the demeaning video and criticized the woman. One user told the self-proclaimed “elegance and etiquette coach” that she needed to apologize to Black community expeditiously. The user also added that every one of the Black hairstyles posted in the video was “beautiful.”

“Since when are Bantu Knots not elegant?” she asked in the video.

She said the TikToker who posted the original video was “far out of her lane.” Black women applauded the young woman for her support.