Attracting abundance is a desire shared by many individuals seeking fulfillment and success in various aspects of life. Whether it’s in their personal relationships, career endeavors, or financial goals, the pursuit of abundance is a universal aspiration. One avenue through which individuals can learn to manifest abundance is by engaging with an abundance coach. 

What Is An Abundance Coach?

An abundance coach guides individuals toward unlocking their potential for abundance in all areas of life. Through personalized coaching programs, they empower their clients with the tools, mindset, and strategies necessary to attract abundance effortlessly.

“I support my clients as they navigate through changes in their lives and embark upon a journey of self-discovery. An abundant life will look different from person to person. That’s why a big part of my work with my clients is helping them understand what abundance means to them and how their current reality is or isn’t reflecting that” abundance coach Efia Sulter shared.

Sulter says she supports her clients in implementing systems, strategies, and practices to attract a life that is in deeper alignment with their vision for life. She also works with them to overcome any ingrained scarcity thinking or addiction to struggle.

Attracting Abundance

Attracting abundance involves cultivating a mindset of gratitude, positivity, and abundance in all aspects of life. By aligning thoughts, emotions, and actions with the energy of abundance, individuals can effortlessly magnetize opportunities, success, and prosperity.  

“A mistake people often make is focusing so heavily on limiting beliefs around money and abundance when what they need to shift is their limiting identities. Shifting your identity has a knock-on effect on your beliefs, thoughts, actions, and ultimately results,” Sulter said.

To start that process, Sulter recommends journaling on the prompt, ‘What does an abundant life look like to me? Who must I become to manifest this? What action will I take today as this person?’

“Completing these consistent actions directly from your higher self helps you to begin the process of rewiring your neural pathways and rewriting scarcity behaviors,” the coach explained.

Sulter says as a person begins to show up as that abundant version of themself, their 3D reality shifts to match.

“Remember, manifestation is an inside-out process. What you feel inside will be reflected in you,” she added.

Sulter often shares the “100x method” with clients. The idea is that whatever it is you’re working towards, you commit to completing 100 related actions to make it happen. For example, make 100 social media posts in business to get your desired result. 

Roadblocks When Searching For Abundance

Roadblocks often arise when individuals strive to manifest their goals, hindering their progress and challenging their determination. These obstacles can take various forms, such as self-doubt, fear of failure, limited beliefs, external circumstances, or lack of clarity.

“Where I see a lot of people hitting roadblocks with manifestation is going straight into their intentions without taking the time to determine their values,” Sulter explained.

She says when a person fails to get clear on their values, it’s easy to get caught up. Eventually you’ll look back and realize you were manifesting things you never even wanted for yourself in the first place. 

“When you know what your values are, manifestation is simply shifting your life to get in deeper alignment with those, and the intentions and goals flow from that knowledge,” she added.