When discussing former child stars who have successfully transitioned into their careers, China Anne McClain should be one of the first few names mentioned. Since the age of seven, her work ethic has been unmatched. From being Disney Channel’s sweetheart as Chyna Parks in A.N.T. Farm to now superhero Jennifer Pierce/Lightning in the CW’s final season of Black Lightning, McClain has been racking up roles and continually taking steps towards making herself a household name in the entertainment industry.

We’ve watched McClain grow before our eyes as a star that has led by example of privately separating her personal life from her career. But recently, the 22-year-old has become the most personal, vulnerable, and outspoken we’ve seen her. The pandemic has allowed us all time to self-reflect, and McClain is not shying away from placing her own introspection and faith on display through her social platforms. 

She has been outspoken on topics ranging from Lil Nas X’s controversial “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” music video to her developing a closer relationship with God, ultimately strengthening her faith and understanding of who He is.

McClain's following has soared on TikTok, currently standing at 12.2 million, as she has become a source of upliftment, encouragement, and light through these dark times the world is facing. While always prefacing her videos with "Please watch until the end," she gives a clear view of the purpose and intention behind the messages she openly shares while respecting others' beliefs. With our timelines filled with everyone's opinions, McClain lends the world her gift of vocalizing her perspective without being overbearing and breaks down her messages in a digestible manner for her followers to easily understand. 

McClain's transparency and insight is refreshing among what is typically going viral when scrolling through social media. In this day and age, it takes bravery to publicly speak on the subject matter that she does, but the actress stands firm in her beliefs and feels called to spread her perspective. Her own act of courage is helping viewers, whether it be those struggling with their mental health or looking up to her as a role model for empowering their own faith. 

Her posts are typically filled with comments such as "I really needed this" and "Thank you for speaking up." Mindful of debates that are sparked from her videos, McClain is also active in her comments section to ensure it's a safe space. "Regardless of what anyone chooses to believe, everyone please respect each other in the comments. Lead with love," she wrote. 

It's critical for public figures to properly utilize their platform, and McClain is taking her talent past her roles on screen by starting conversations through her social media posts that are healing and inspiring her following. This is just the beginning of what the multi-talented creative has in store. She and her family currently have a production company in the works in which she plans to tell impactful stories that will further help her fellow youth.