4c hair care requires a reliable regimen and the right tools. With cold weather season upon, it is important to have a consistent hair care routine. Here are some excellent products to implement with your routine.

Taliah Waajid Protective Styles Bamboo and Coconut Milk Leave-in Conditioner

Taliah Waajid products are top-notch, and this leave-in conditioner is no different. With winter season coming up, protective styles are a go-to for the ultimate hair protection. Although not all leave-in conditioners are good quality, this bamboo and coconut conditioner is a good find. If you live in an extremely cold city, then you are in luck because this product doubles as a detangler  leaving hair strong, soft and nourished from the root to the tip. 

Aunt Jackie’s Curls and Coils Perfect Hydrate Your Curls 4 Pack

The complications of cold weather on hair can be massive, and that is why this four-pack is a winter hair care holy grail. With these products, taming unruly curls and coils and frizz becomes a breeze. The set is perfect for a variety of hair textures, but is especially efficient for curly, wavy, mixed coiled and kinky hair textures.

Denman Hair Brush for Curly Hair

This brush is an excellent styling tool for curly and coily hair to give a soft and smooth definition. This hair brush is used to reduce frizz and detangle hair while adding gloss and volume for a well-defined curl pattern. If you are looking for a  brush that also helps to reduce strain on the  scalp, this is a good option.


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Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend Hair & Scalp Oil

It is important to have a high-quality hair oil in the winter, and this product from Carol’s Daughter does the trick. This hair and scalp oil, coupled with the right supplemental ingredients protects the hair from frizz, split ends and breakage to leave your hair roots feeling strong ans nourished. The oil is perfect for use after a good wash and deep condition, and is suitable for  4C, 4B, 4A, 3C, 3B, 3A, 2C, 2B, and 2A curl types. For the ultimate experience, use Carol’s Daughter’s shampoo, conditioner and cream concurrently.


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Kérastase Resistance Serum Therapiste

This serum is perfect for preventing split ends and reducing frizz. This product has a fine oil cream texture that repairs and nourishes damaged hair and prevents additional protection and nourishment to chemically-processed hair.


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Taliah Waajid Shea Coco Curly Hair Soufflé

This soufflé is the ultimate go-to product for softening thick, natural curls, and helps to smoothen hair. The creme is made of rich castor oil, shea butter and coconut oil which work together to add curl definition and moisture. 

Qhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream 

This moisturizing balm is a multi-purpose regenerative scalp butter. It can be used as a wash-n-go leave in conditioner or overnight deep moisturizer. The mixture of rich oils and brilliant Ayurvedic botanicals makes this cream a top-of-the-line ointment for add to your winter hair care rollout.


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