So, you've got all your goals spread out, and you're actively pursuing them daily. You are glowing up mentally, physically, and spiritually. We love to see it, sis. But then that little bit of resistance or doubt starts to kick in. Or maybe you're triggered by something you thought you'd healed from. Instead of letting these types of setbacks completely derail you, try pressing even more into intentional manifestation. Our minds are so powerful, and when we allow them to fixate on the things we want instead of what we don't want—great things can happen! However, you may need tools to help with calling in desires, and adding crystals to your meditation or mindfulness practice could be the answer. Crystals are a great way to remind yourself to stay optimistic.

Here are the crystals you can use to call in love and abundance in 2021. 


Miss mamas is truly a stone with powerful magnetism qualities to bring you a wealth of whatever you desire. Whether that's love, friendship, success, or dollar bills, Aventurine can pull you together. 

Rose Quartz

This pretty pink stone is critical to any desire to manifest a deeper love for yourself and with others. Rose quartz is on the top of every list to open up your heart chakra and be able to receive the love you're calling in. 


Not just a pretty face, Jade has always been linked to good fortune. Whether you're hoping for a raise or wanting to raise capital for your latest business venture, incorporating this beautiful stone into your practice will help call in the coins. 


Now, we've covered which stones can bring the money to you, but this one is all about making sure it keeps coming back. Citrine is all about cash flow and financial stability. We don't want to call in abundance we cannot maintain, and this one is all about securing the bag for good. 


If you're feeling the sting of a recent (or not so recent, no judgment) breakup, Amethyst can soothe that pain and help you reestablish your self-worth. The calming energy and spiritual power of this stone brings peace and healing. You can't move ahead with the past holding you down, so grab one of these to walk out your journey with. 

If you're new to using crystals in your spiritual practice, start with these and as you reach new levels in your life, incorporate others to bring into the fold.