Wash cloths, netted sponges, and loofahs are not the only tools that can get you clean in the shower. An African exfoliating net is a multi-use tool that can get into every hard to reach spot.

What is an African exfoliating net?

“An African Net Sponge is a tool to efficiently clean the body and in some cases the face. Typically, it is made of a nylon material,” licensed esthetician, Essence M Moore, told 21Ninety.

The exfoliating tool resembles a fishing net and comes in a rainbow of colors. Some varieties even have handles from premium grip and storage. 

What are the benefits of using an African exfoliating net?

African net sponges are great to reach for when the surface of your skin could use a serious refresh. Moore adds that regular exfoliation with the African net promotes circulation and helps even out the overall complexion of your skin. 

“They are great for all skin concerns, especially body acne, back acne and keratosis pilaris (aka strawberry legs),” the esthetician explained. 

African exfoliating net vs. regular sponge

The open weave of the African exfoliating net helps it hold less bacteria than a typical sponge or washcloth, Moore notes. They dry easily and help to exfoliate dead skin cells.

If you’re looking at your lived-in loofah, know that an African exfoliating net can last even longer, according to Moore.

“They can also be washed with your linens and reused while netted loofahs cannot [be put in the wash],” she said.

It’s time to add an African exfoliating net to your bath-time essentials. Scroll to browse five varieties of African exfoliating nets.  

Net with handles

Atteasay’s African Exfoliating Net Set is the ultimate cleansing pack. The set includes five pieces: a pair of exfoliating gloves, three nets with handles, and a branded box that you can use to give the gift of exfoliation.

The handles on each of the nets makes this a great choice for anyone who usually has trouble gripping onto a bath-time tool like a loofah. 

Extra long

Tall people, this is your net. The African Net Long Bath Net Sponge by Jassins stretches to 66 inches long. 

Each nylon net measures in at 12 inches wide and 32 inches long before you stretch it in the shower. No matter which set of two nets you choose, you’ll always have a black one that you can use for yourself or give to your roommate. 

Starter set

Not sure where to start on journey? Try this African Bath Sponge African Net.

This nylon net set includes three different colors of exfoliating tools. You can choose a more neutral colorway or bright pastels depending on your preference. Each net is about 12 inches wide and 32 inches long. Plus, the brand offers a 90 return or exchange policy. 

Colorful net

My Organic Shea’s Exfoliating Nylon African Net will easily add a vibrant pop of color to your shower. The net comes in a rainbow of eight bold colors and a delicious chocolate brown. 

While the product page notes that the actual size of the nets can vary, each color can stretch to around 50 to 70 inches depending on the color you choose. My Organic Shea’s nets are made of nylon and can last for around 18 months. 

Giftable net

Nature by EJN’s option literally comes wrapped in a satin bow. That way, you can give the gift of a net to someone that you know needs to try exfoliating.

This African exfoliating net is 37 inches long and 14 inches wide with the ability to stretch to 49 inches. Plus, it comes in 11 colors ranging from bright green to a soft peach.