There used to be a time when asking a woman’s age was a guaranteed way to find yourself on the receiving end of a side-eye. Covering up grays, insisting on celebrating our 21st birthdays for a decade, even flat out pretending we were a different age altogether. Aging was seen as such a marker of a woman’s worth declining that it became something to fear. 

However, over the last few years, that story has changed. Gone are the days of women being afraid to tell their age. Now, we see women embracing the wisdom and enhanced beauty that comes with years lived. Tearing down old ideals of beauty being equal to youth, these women prove that things just get better with time.

Vanessa Bell Calloway 

Though she came into our hearts many years ago, Vanessa Bell Calloway continues to remind us that beauty never fades. Let’s get into these legs!!


Still one of the most beautiful women the world has ever seen at 65-years- old, this beauty knows no bounds. 

Adrienne Norris

Mother of Jada Pinkett and 1/3 of the Red Table Talk trio, Gammy always serves a carefree and naturally beautiful glow. 

Angela Bassett

Ms. Angela is always going to give us all. of. the. things. At 62-years-old, this dynamite and eternal beauty still turns our heads. 

Taraji P. Henson

With that girlish smile and that energy permeating every photo, Taraji reminds us at 50-years-old that we are as young as we feel. Always! 

Tina Turner

I mean…has there ever been a woman who embodied the essence of aging with grace, flair, and style to boot more than Tina Turner? The answer is no. Even at 81-years-old, Tina is still the flyest woman on the block. 

Whatever your age, remember that your beauty is not determined by the numbers in your birthdate, on a scale, or in your bank account.