In this season of “being outside,” many people are taking flights and exploring all that they missed over the past few years. If you are a love of flights, fashion and our collective newfound freedom, read on. Traveling does not always have to inspire drab fashion. In fact, looking fashionable and comfortable is a preference for many people. If you love to travel and also like to look nice while doing it, here are some tips to keep handy.

Carry A Fashionable Sweater

With air travel, comfort is usually important, and pairing comfort with style can be the ultimate win-win situation. Planes are known for being cold, and it can be uncomfortable to stuck mid-flight with a thin plane blanket as the only cover up. To stay warm and stylish, plan to include a stylish sweater in your carry-on bag so that you are never off your fashion beat even with a sweater on. If a sweater is too “lounge-y” for you, opt for a blazer instead.

Black woman in blazer
Photo Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko

It is important to have a staple travel capsule wardrobe that encapsulates your style essence, with a collection of breathable fabrics. Any item you wear while traveling should feel soft, breathable and moisture wicking. Airports and flying are both stressful, and running from one gate to another can leave you sweaty and out of breath. Wearing items that can curb over sweating is key.

Black woman wearing pink
Photo Credit: Ashleigh

Consider Monochrome Color Blocking

Wearing a simple mesh of black and white can immediately elevate an outfit because those are hues that are sharp, pithy and timeless. Every fashionista needs an evergreen item in their wardrobe. In this case, maintain a fascinating monochromatic color palette.

Wear Edgy, Comfortable Shoes

Fashion often has no guidelines, so if you are opting for an edgy, likable look, find fashion-forward shoes with a reputation for comfort. Part of remaining chic even while flying is to be calm, cool and collected and wearing comfortable shoes enhances that.

Photo by Luis Quintero
Photo Credit: Luis Quintero