Alicia Keys’ voice has been a staple in the Black community ever since she hit the scene with her first album in 2001. Now, as her her beloved song, “If I Ain’t Got You,” marks it 20th year, the the singer has released a remake of the hit.

Netflix tapped Keys to recreate the song for their newest show “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.” The show is known for it’s orchestral covers of modern pop and R&B songs. The reimagined song features a more than 70 piece global orchestra, made up entirely of women of color for a captivating new rendition.

The remade song will be featured on the show’s soundtrack. The music score will also include instrumental covers of modern pop classics from Beyonce, SZA, Whitney Houston and more.

The video for the new song showcases a powerful visual of the all-women’s orchestra. Names who made cameo appearances in the video include Ofentse, Rimon, Cherrie, and Alicia Awa.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

The new Netflix show has faced criticism since it was released last week. The show instantly rose to number one. The new show debuted with nearly 150 million viewers. Some of which criticized the show for being historically inaccurate. The show reimagines the queen as a Black woman, however the real Queen Charlotte was white.

Show creator, Shonda Rhimes, says that the story is not as historically inaccurate as people make it out to be.

“I always think it’s interesting how desperate people are to prove that someone was not of color,” she said in an interview with EW. “That seems to be like a big focus in people’s lives. I don’t understand that, but for me, I really delved into the research in a deep way. We had a wonderful historian working with us, and we got inside of what was going on historically, so that then I could know when I was straying. Then, I could stray on purpose, or I could take one tiny thing I heard from history and turn it into something else.”