Indiana Fever’s own, five-time gold medalist Aliyah Boston has been making waves in the WNBA. Her versatility as power forward and center has set her apart, strengthened by her time at South Carolina with Dawn Staley. Through her coaching and off-court mentorship, Boston blossomed into a top pick and was selected first by the Indiana franchise in the 2023 WNBA Draft.

Averaging almost 16 points a game, the 6’5” player and correspondent brings fun and force to her game both on and off the court. Her passion has also made its way into a loving relationship with Portland State’s Tre-Vaughn Minott. So who is Aliyah Boston’s partner? Here’s what we know. 

Who Is Tre-Vaughn Minott?

Tre-Vaughn Minott, formerly of South Carolina’s Men’s Basketball, is the center for Portland State’s Vikings team. Standing at 6’9”, Minott is originally from Montreal and met Boston during his time at South Carolina as a gamecock. He saw her on campus, walked up to her to tell her a joke and the rest was history. In his interviews, he’s spoken of how much he loves Boston and how he wants to refine his game. He’d like to eventually be compared to players like Joel Embid.

With time, he expects to strengthen his game and make his last collegiate year count towards a career as a professional. Led by his boo, Minott has excellent footsteps to follow in as Boston excelled on the court as a college basketball player and is now making a difference for her Indiana fever team. 

Minott Attended Columbia In South Carolina 

After his coach was fired, Minott and his fellow teammates had the option to transfer. Minott still wanted to be close to Boston while pursuing his career as a collegiate student-athlete. The center credits his education, on the court, at Columbia with helping him transition to the Vikings program.

Throughout his basketball journey, after meeting Boston, he’s felt particularly inspired to excel. He shares that Boston teaches him and encourages him. He loves her so much and wants the best for her in all departments of her life. One year ahead of her beau, Boston finds herself in year two of a three-year contract with the Indiana Fever with an average annual salary cap of $77,823.

Boston and Minott Lift Each Other Up 

(Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

In a host of social media posts, Indian Fever’s Aliyah Boston and Portland State Viking Tre-Vaugn Minott continue to build each other up. They love on one another via a relationship characterized by friendship. Their bond can be seen in photos and videos of special times spent both outside and at home.

For almost four years, they’ve enjoyed one another’s company: as students, as centers and as lovebirds in their continued relationship. When they aren’t doing TikTok dance challenges together, they’re challenging one another on the court and in their personal endeavors. We wish both centers joy and success in their careers and in their union.