From the beginning of time, men have been seen as the breadwinners in almost any dynamic. They are the ones who call the shots, who wear the pants and what ever they say, goes. Women seem to have to just follow in a man’s footsteps, but there are several women putting their feet down. Are you an alpha woman? Here are a few key factors that can help you determine.

Telltale Signs Of An Alpha Woman


Confidence is a key factor to know if you’re an alpha woman. Typically, alpha women are self assured. They do nto need anyone else’s opinion to know that they are great. They are also unlikely to have issues with self-esteem. An alpha woman will believe in herself, that you can count on.

Goal Setter And Goal Digger

An alpha woman loves to set exciting goals for herself and equally enjoys crushing them!  In many cases, an alpha woman will not give up until a goal is reached. This translates to every area of her life as well, including her career, personal growth, relationships, health and more. It’s her perseverance that sets her apart from others.

Authentically Herself

An alpha woman shows up as herself in any and every situation. She is comfortable in her own skin and wouldn’t even consider wanting to be like someone else. She is absolutely in love with the way she has been created. Some people will like her while other will not, but she knows that is the way the world turns.

Cares About The Growth Of Others

Alpha women aren’t insecure about other people’s growth. In fact, she wants everyone in her circle to win. Loyalty is a trait many alpha women have and due to that loyalty, they will push for those they love to be the best versions of themselves. Men that date alpha women tend to experience this as well.  She will work on pulling out all of that potential you have. It may seem challenging, but the advantages of having a woman in your corner who wants you to be the best version of yourself.

Accepting The Alpha Woman In You

In so many cases, alpha women get a bad rep. But as the alpha woman you are, you know not everyone is going to like you, and that’s okay! You should should always show up as yourself no matter what space you’re in. Do not let anyone make you feel small or less than, for being an alpha woman.

Walking in your purpose is key in making sure you are comfortable being the alpha woman you are. No man, or any person for that matter, can take that from you.

It is important to be courteous, however. It’s very possible to be an alpha woman and to be a caring human being. Typically the bad rep that alpha women get comes from the idea that we do not care about others, when in reality, its quite the contrary!

Remember to always show up as yourself and continue to uplift those around you. You don’t always have to be liked, but it’s important that you like you.