Actress and singer, Amber Riley, will be voicing Ursula in a the “Little Mermaid” animated series coming to Disney Junior. The new series, titled “Disney Junior’s Ariel,” will build on the original film’s storyline for the network’s younger audience.

Riley is best known for her role as Mercedes on the TV musical “Glee.” In 2016, Riley won the Laurence Olivier Award for best actress in a musical for her role as Effie White in London’s West End production of “Dreamgirls.” The songstress was also the winner of the eighth season of the singing competition “The Masked Singer.”

While speaking with People Magazine about her win, Riley shared that she went on “The Masked Singer” to sing. “Honestly, any time that I get the opportunity to sing, I’m pretty much in. And my mom is such a big fan of the show. During the pandemic, my friends and I and my mom, we used to watch ‘The Masked Singer’ so it was a way for me and my friends to connect even though we couldn’t be around or see each other” she told People Magazine.

On Inclusivity

Amber Riley has spoken up about her experience working on “Glee” and the need for more inclusivity in Hollywood. “This business is exhausting. The goalpost is constantly moving, and sometimes it’s unfair,” Riley said while speaking with XONecole.

“But, I have to say it’s the love that keeps you going. There’s no way you can continue to be in this business and not love it, especially being a plus-sized Black woman,” she said, going on to share that for plus sized Black women in Hollywood, “We’re still niche. We’re still not main characters.”

In “Disney Junior’s Ariel,” Riley will star alongside Taye Diggs, who will voice King Triton. The show will premier in 2024.