Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity to not only celebrate Latin traditions and people, but also Hispanic heritage brands. Black and Latino owned businesses are a driving force for the American economy, making up for more than 20% of all businesses in the United States. During the month-long celebration between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15, support the Afro-Latino community by supporting small businesses that are making an impact on generations to come.

Here are five Afro-Latina founders and entrepreneurs who are trailblazing their own career path, impacting their communities and making money at the same time.

Aisha Cort

Photo Credit: @zakiyac / Instagram

Aisha Cort is the founder of VELA NEGRA, a candle company known for its signature black wax candles. The company’s unique candle fragrances are inspired by her Afro-Cuban and Guyanese heritage and will transport you to a sense of home — wherever that may be for you.

Priscilla Jiminian

Headquartered in New York City, Skinergy was launched out of the need for more Latina skincare products on the market. Founder Priscilla Jiminian sought to fill that void of products by creating her own line that focuses on dark Spots and hyperpigmentation.

Kayla Castañeda

Inspired by Mexican textiles, Agua Bonita was born out of founder Kayla Castañeda’s desire to create something to honor her family, her culture and her grandfather’s teachings of never letting food go to waste. Aqua Bonita brings fresh fruit from the field to your kitchen table and offers a variety of bold and fun flavors.  

Sonia Smith-Kang

Photo Credit: @multiracialmama / Instagram

As a mom of multicultural children, Sonia Smith-Kang was passionate about making sure that her kids saw accurate representation of their heritage. This sparked the idea for Mixed Up Clothing, a multicultural children’s apparel brand focused on shining a light on the beauty and vibrancy of diverse cultures around the world. 

Maia Alejandro

Photo Credit: @maia__papaya / Instagram

Blending her experience as a mental health clinician with her learnings about clean beauty, Maia Alejandro launched FOR TMRW to make clean nail products accessible. The brand brings the spa to you with its at-home nail art objects and design-forward beauty products that are vegan and non-toxic.