Radio host Angela Yee has announced that after twelve years of serving as 1/3 of iHeartMedia’s ‘The Breakfast Club,’ she’ll be moving on to explore bigger dreams.


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The 46-year-old raised eyebrows when she sent out a cryptic tweet Tuesday evening, insinuating that ‘The Breakfast Club’ as we know it, would never be the same.

Twitter users initially responded with mixed emotions.

“About dam time the culture moves on from the breakfast club,” one user tweeted.

“Disappointed in all the black people under this post saying they are excited if they have ended,” another user tweeted. “We really are our worst enemies. Black Radio Matters. We should uplift all our ppl in high places. I pray they just have a schedule shift or something lol.”

Yee took to the airways this morning to serve up some clarity on what exactly will be happening.

“This is really exciting, but this is something that I’ve been wanting to do for years now since way before the pandemic,” she said. “I had actually sat down with our big boss Thea and I was telling her like I really want to have my own show – you know I have my podcast, ‘Lip Service,’ and… it’s always been a goal of mine to have [my own show].”

Yee shared that after years of waiting, she was finally approached by executives at iHeart Media and offered her own show.

“I am going to be leaving ‘The Breakfast Club,’ you guys obviously will continue on and it will be a different iteration of ‘The Breakfast Club,’” she continued. “But I will have my own show up here at iHeart as well… a nationally syndicated daily show and my podcast ‘Lip Service.’”

Yee’s new show will be titled ‘Way Up With Angela Yee’ and will air middays on over 30 iHeartMedia owned stations.

According to RadioInsight, Yee will formally make her departure from ‘The Breakfast Club’ this fall.