Thanks to romcoms and love-laced literature, the “immediate spark” is often what we use to determine our level of interest in a potential partner. This spark, or the lack thereof, has led lovers to develop a tunnel vision approach to getting to know someone, causing us to weed out solid prospects. For Aquarians, open-mindedness guides their beliefs and how they engage with others. For Cancers, open-heartedness frames their perspectives and influences the quality of friendships and relationships that they pursue.

This openness that they seek and give operates as both their strength and their weakness. They look for it in their connections, but are slow to give it until they are comfortable. Though differently, Aquarians and Cancers have found an opposite-equal as these signs both embrace the unknown. An embodiment of the phrase “more than what meets the eye,” let’s talk about Aquarius and Cancer compatibility

What Are Aquarians Like?

Born January 20 through February 18 and ruled by Uranus, these signs are all about the element of surprise. They smile in the face of the unknown, seeing open space as opportunity to build their own realities. These water bearers are crafters of their own destiny, taking on responsibility and consideration for others as foundational ways of being. Their behaviors align with that of utilitarianism valuing the greater good and freedom above all else.

In their friendships and relationships, they desire to be understood, loved, trusted to roam (respectfully) and return home. These signs make room for the weird seeing it as something we could all learn from whether as observers or folks who want to add a bit of it into our own lives. Sometimes disconnected or distracted, Aquarians plan and execute well when they aren’t micromanaged. Let their identity and ideas flow; that’s a true demonstration of your trust in them and they’ll reward you with loyalty. 

What Are Cancers Like?

Born June 22 to July 22 and ruled by the moon, these signs are all about comfort and care. It’s their top motivator, sparking a fire in them to excel at work, secure the bag and live lavishly at home. These signs are never above a quick trip especially when luxury is involved. They also value independence, that is until the person of their dreams arrives. Trust goes a long way with these maternal crabs whose petty pinch is always ready to snap.

If they’ve collected receipts on you, then you probably brought it on yourself. However, beneath their hard exterior, their softness is warm and welcoming. When they show it to you, it’ll often be by inviting you into their space and providing for you. They’re loyal beyond measure, looking to their friendships as space for growth and celebration. When you work hard, you can play hard and Cancers see the value in both ends of the phrase. 

Aquarius and Cancer Romantic Compatibility

A delayed spark is not an absent one and absence creates space for creativity. With Aquarius being a water bearer and Cancer being a water sign, there’s a certain level of responsibility and protection that flows between these signs. That’s more than enough to work with in a relationship, platonic or romantic, to build what could become a loving and long lasting interdependence. But, let’s start at the beginning: a unique attention to detail will inspire the Aquarian to cultivate a comfy lux experience for their Cancer.

Cancers will repay their Aquarian by accepting the invitation to join in on their quirks which may include building a fort and watching indie films. The romantic connection between these signs is explored by creating a balance between doing new things together and enjoying their individual spaces. When they take each other into consideration, they feel seen and therefore celebrated, creating a slow burn and an instant glow that could be the makings of a spark. 

Aquarius and Cancer Sexual Compatibility

Once those comfort zones are expanded to include one another containing their quirks and comforts, sexual energy is able to brew. Like coffee, preparation is required, from grinding the beans to choosing your add-ons. This process builds trust and therefore connection, which manifests in the bedroom as boundless moments of wonder. These signs know not to set expectations as they limit the capacity for joy and sometimes fulfillment.

The Aquarian’s open mind will expand the Cancer’s horizons and the Cancer’s open heart will help to expand the Aquarian’s capacity for self and relational love. It goes beyond friendship and could even be compared to a past-life partnership. What’s understood doesn’t need to be explained and that works for this dynamic duo. 

Aquarius and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

An Aquarian’s airiness may throw a Cancer off initially, coming across as wishy-washy or non-dependable, but that may be a fear rooted in a bit of projection. What Cancers will quickly learn is that while an Aquarius has their hand in several baskets, their time with you is yours.

A shared respect for loyalty is what bonds these signs. There for each other in hard times and celebration, this friendship thrives when they explore its depths. Always by each other’s side whether near or far, an Aquarian-Cancer bond, once established and nurtured, is unbreakable. 

Are Aquarians and Cancers Compatible?

Short answer: definitely! This pairing proves that you don’t need to have everything in common in order for the relationship to thrive. It also proves that, like most things, they get better with time and intentionality behind that time makes it all the better. Neither likes for their time to be wasted so they are conscious of one another and consider each other’s comforts, likes and dislikes.

While they may flourish as friends before anything romantic comes into the picture, both situations are a space within which Aquarians and Cancers can soar; just tell them that they won’t and they’ll prove you wrong. Jokes aside, this compatibility is a special one because it requires investment from both parties; something that isn’t given or received in abundance. Aquarians and Cancers remind the world to hurry up and take their time, put yourself first and take care of your people.