What do you get when you pair two big-hearted folks with an interest in the peculiar? Grounds for a budding romance? Possibly. That’s most likely what an Aquarius and Pisces will find in one another. Two humanitarians with a passion for life who are open to each other’s ideas, new experiences and flying their freak flags (in all ways possible).

In this connection, there’s no judgment or boredom, especially when trust and respect are mutual. They might even be the best of friends before anything physical or romantic develops; strengthening their bond even further. So, if these two are sure to hit it off, what could come in the way of that? Are Aquarius and Pisces compatible in all of their connections? Let’s dig a little deeper.

What Are Aquarius Like?

Born January 20 through February 18 and ruled by Uranus, these air signs rather expose the underbelly and discuss the unconventional than appease the normies in the room. Their embrace of difference comes from a personal space of standing out themselves. Don’t get it twisted though, these signs have a sweet spot for people especially their own small circle of trusted loved ones. And, as much as they care for the world around them, they’ve learned through life experience to prioritize themselves. Otherwise, they’re pouring from an empty cup. Remind Aquarius, through their love language, how much they’re appreciated and you’ll have a gem on your side. 

What Are Pisces Like? 

Born February 19 through March 20 and ruled by Jupiter (and most recently, Neptune), these water signs are ready to dive into your deepest, darkest and brightest fantasies with you. They value the illusion and allusion of creativity while holding space for the influence of our dreams. A two-fish (swimming in opposite directions) Pisces knows the importance and pull of holding multiple goals. They may seem flighty as a result of overcommitting, but multitasking is within their capacity. However, whichever task sparks the most excitement and passion is where their heart and will lies. These swimmers are determined, thoughtful and mutable. And, when aware of themselves, they use their suggestive powers for good. 

Aquarius and Pisces Romantic Compatibility

For these two signs that hate to feel boxed in, romance gains a new definition in their connection. Aquarius, known to set their own rules, will pay close attention to their sensitive sweetie’s desires while considering general expectations around romantic connection. Pisces is similarly thoughtful and will be two steps ahead of Aquarius with regard to gift-giving or planning. Their intuition will guide them towards the acts of service or acknowledgment favored by their waterbearer counterparts. In this pairing, romance might look like a random, late-night concert or a weekend afternoon, woodwork course. Seemingly unconventional in their expressions, Aquarius and Pisces care more about speaking to each other’s hearts than to the traditions of society. Quite the matchup, actually! 

Aquarius and Pisces Sexual Compatibility

Here’s the kicker. Aquarius in their open-mindedness and Pisces in their mutability, on paper, make for an almost perfect sexual pairing. Whatever Aquarius wants to try, Pisces is pretty much down even if it is for the first time. Where Pisces draws their line in the sand though, is at being controlled or coerced into that thing they didn’t like the first time, a second time. Not to infer that Aquarius would go down that road with Pisces, but the water signs are more akin to exploring within their comfort zone. At the same time, when they’re ready to make a move, they don’t want a whole lot of pushback. While there’s a potential for sparks here, if comfort levels are not respected, the fire can fizzle quickly. Solely physical connections void of emotion can thrive. And well-communicated, deeper ones can too. 

Aquarius and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

As we’ve already determined, the friendship compatibility between an Aquarius and Pisces is A1. Respect and trust are at the center of this amicable richness where compassion and thoughtfulness go to shine. Whereas Aquarius is a bit more humanitarian, managing relationships that aren’t as mutual or fruitful, Pisces plays it a little closer to the chest. Loyalty goes a long way for both of these signs and can be the determining factor in the relationship’s strength. New or old, platonic or romantic, friendships between Aquarius and Pisces possess a familiar energy that helps them to flourish. In this connection, both signs take comfort knowing that they’re valued and encouraged. 

Are Aquarius and Pisces Compatible?

As close to being right on the nose as possible if not spot on: yes, these two are compatible. Where Pisces are heard, they return time and time again. Where Aquarius’ quirks are embraced, they are loyal. For these two, writing their own rules feeds them singularly and as a unit. It’s a page front heir book that every sign pairing can stand to skim. While super fiery passions may not exist within his connection, long lasting ones do when communication is open. And above all else, shared dreams or mutual respect of one another’s goals can serve as a consistent simmer to all things friendly and anything beyond that.