Imagine having a connection with someone who embraces all of your quirks, keeps all of your secrets, loves you down and keeps the mystery alive. Someone who creates space and grace for your dark side, looks at things from every perspective and pours into their community. That’s the dynamic between an Aquarius and a Scorpio. Known for their allure, these signs have found likeness and understanding in one another. Not a likely pair, as they tend to present differently, but at their core, this duo is one in the same, petals on the same flower, flames of the same fire. Let’s unpack it. Here’s that “more than what meets the eye” explanation of Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility.

What Are Aquarians Like?

Born January 20 through February 18 and ruled by Uranus, these signs aren’t afraid to go against the grain. Their souls shine when they can engage someone in those metaphorical, underground conversations. These big thinkers don’t just use their powers for the odd, they apply them to community-centered ideals and projects. No matter the scale of work, at the office or at home, give them a goal and they’ll blaze a trail to achieve it and they’ll set an example while doing it. While achievements are always within their grasp, allocating time for themselves and their connections can be a bit tougher. There’s a desire to do all and be all here, but with balance, they can be that dependable friend to themselves and others. Self-care is critical to their self-maintenance as it gives them time to reflect and refuel.

What Are Scorpios Like?

Born April 20 through May 20 and ruled by Venus, these signs are all about the intrigue. They embody it in how they move through the world, in their relationships and their hypothetical conversations. A master plan is always in the works as Scorpios are great leaders too. Positive fixation is what we’ll call it when a Scorpio becomes obsessed with a goal. They’ll stop at nothing to reach and then surpass said goal no matter the circumstance. There’s an individualistic element here too that’s essential to their identities embodying those behaviors of their symbol, the scorpion. Determined and vicious, when underestimated, these signs strike. You’ll want to get out of their way if not join them whenever they put their mind to something. Sweet and sour, these signs remind us to embrace our whole selves making room for the not so appealing as well. 

Aquarius & Scorpio Romantic Compatibility

Romance between an Aquarius and a Scorpio is where you’ll find light and dark lovingly blending with one another. Where oil and water get along because at the end of the day they’re still liquids. Where opposites find likeness, an even playing field out of curiosity and respect of difference. It’s where play and mystery go to live, influencing these signs in the plans that they make for one another. Mystery is essential in this connection whether it’s trying a brand new restaurant that’s literally underground or a blindfolded five-course meal in a dark room. The openness to trying new things for the experience fuels not only connection, but the fire that burns slowly for long-lasting romance: setting the stage for a sexual connection that is black hole levels of mysterious. 

Aquarius & Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Where Scorpios are known for their passion, “darkness,” and sexual energy, Aquarians are known for their open thinking, utilitarianism and quirks. This actually creates the best kind of environment for a sexual connection to be established and flourish. Openness is key to a good time whether it’s for long or short. Sure, there are certain things that people like or don’t like, but Scorpios are ready to push the envelope and, with trust, Aquarians are ready to receive it. The depth in this sexual connection is immeasurable. Think of that aforementioned black hole as representation, not only of the merry mystery that moves between these two, but the force and scale that characterizes their intimacy. Once the rules are put into play, which neither of these signs feel the need to stick by strictly, then the fun is ready to be had. Sure, there’s probably a use of toys and accessories adding to the fun, but these signs also believe that true fun, eye-opening fun starts with opening yourself up to the experience. 

Aquarius & Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

As friends, these signs are also all about the experience…of trusting, sharing quirks and experiences. They’ll travel together, not to your typical place for typical activities. Relaxation may be involved, but newness is critical in this friendship connection. Whether it’s trying a new restaurant or cooking together at one another’s home, the process matters here as it builds bonds and creates space for learning. Both of these signs appreciate the opportunity to learn and exchange ideas, mainstream and otherwise. Friends who learn together strengthen the foundation of their relationship every time that they open themselves up to the lesson. For some connections, it’s the sameness that brings them together, a dependability on nothing changing. And that works too! However, in an Aquarius and Scorpio connection, the sky’s the limit and the limit does not exist. 

Are Aquarians and Scorpios Compatible?

Are planes not the mechanical birds of the sky and boats not the manufactured fish of the sea? It’s getting a little meta in here, but it’s all just pointing towards our answer: absolutely. There are shared morals here, the most important one being: embrace the unknown. The “you might learn something” clause lives in this connection where openness is a major player. These signs grow and glow together as friends, coworkers, lovers and/or more. Their secrets are safe with each other no matter how outlandish. They may poke fun at the details, but only out of admiration. There’s no side of themselves that this dynamic duo can’t show to one another creating the perfect environment for any kind of connection to bud and blossom.