Aquarians, in their quirky nature, offer gifts of great leadership and unique perspective. You may be wondering what one has to do with the other, but a great leader is open to difference and considers all of the options upon selection. It isn’t always the boldest or brashest individual that’s best for the job; it’s the one who makes everyone feel seen and that’s within the capacity of an Aquarius.

Taureans are equally as interested in equity. Though perhaps stubborn in their ways, they mean what they say and they say what they mean. They won’t let anything disrupt their center nor their check. So what do these utilitarian, strong-willed signs also have in common? Surprisingly, plenty. Here’s a closer look at Aquarius and Taurus compatibility.

What Are Aquarians Like?

Born January 20 through February 18 and ruled by Uranus, these signs are individuals first and members of the community second. When balanced, these water bearers understand that you can only pour from a full cup. They believe in the greater good making them the best neighbors, group members, friends and lovers. For Aquarians, considering all of the perspectives doesn’t stop at what’s traditional or respectable. There’s a certain interest in the unexplored, the element explaining their affinity for innovation and technology.

Still, Aquarians understand that there’s more to life than opposing. The embrace of their own difference makes room for them to accept yours. Among their friend groups and partners, you’ll see an array of identities all of which speak to their own. There’s no judgment here unless you’re a mean person. Aquarian’s don’t make room for that! They believe in protecting the people who are near and dear to their hearts including themselves. 

What Are Tauruses Like?

Born April 20 through May 20 and ruled by Venus, these signs celebrate and embody beauty; preferably in the comforts of their own homes. Luxury is never outside of a Tauruses grasp; it drives them to excel and it calms their nerves. A calm Taurus is in their best state: a beacon of light who is aware of their surroundings. An uncalm Taurus, however, resembles those bulls in a china shop that you might have heard of. Only when they feel slighted – so, do your best to be considerate and polite. Manners go a long way with these signs as they do with their air sign counterparts.

Still bulls, these signs are familiar with compassion and know warmth, making sure that you’re comfortable when in their good graces. Away from home, they’re driven to excel to bring home the bacon, if you will. Anything that gets in their way will be moved or ignored. Often underestimated, Tauruses are great thinkers and planners; a schemer’s schemer with ideas flowing on just about everything. There’s no battle they can’t tackle whether related to work or play.

Aquarius and Taurus Romantic Compatibility

Romance is about brewing. It thrives off of slow burns and patience. Anything that’s worth its weight in gold takes time to create whether a piece of jewelry or a bond, whether for a long time or a good time. Where Aquarians might embrace kink, Tauruses are here for the foreplay. That can start with flowers and a card or a thoughtful text. Capture their attention with thoughtfulness and prepare for blissful devotion.

When a Taurus feels exalted, celebrated for the Venus-level beauty that they are, they’re ready to pour their love into you. And in an Aquarius-Taurus connection, these bulls will open themselves up fully to the experience. Trying a thing or two isn’t above a Taurus and we know that it isn’t for Aquarians either. Both of these signs see value in setting the table before enjoying the feast. 

Aquarius and Taurus Sexual Compatibility

Congruently, feasting is done with a unique flair where Aquarians and Taureans are involved. Think planets and galaxies, flowers and soil, a TikToker and undiscovered content topics. Where Taureans are planted, love and sex are capable of expansion in length and depth. Aquarians will push this envelope; give them several inches and they’ll go the mile. In an Aquarian-Taurean connection, there’s a flow of energy characterized by trust, respect, openness and sensual bliss. Think goosebumps in the best way.

These signs find home within each other for what they’ll explore seen and unseen. Where there’s a well-planned surprise with promise of enjoyment, Taureans are down for the ride. And where there’s someone down for the ride, Aquarians are overcome with curiosity and admiration. 

Aquarius and Taurus Friendship Compatibility

Admiration goes a long way for this air and earth sign connection. The compatibility for them is definitely there particularly in friendship. If on the same team, they’ll excel side by side due to a shared respect for hard work. They also make space for goofing off a bit, because life is to be enjoyed and we never know when it will come to an end. Two heads of the same coin, this friend-duo believes in trips, spa dates, primping and prepping.

A well-taken-care-of vessel makes for a well-taken-care-of external space benefiting themselves and the communities around them. But these signs aren’t always go-go-go. Staying home and curling up with a good book or series and their favorite foods sounds like the perfect get together too. Besides, how else will they refuel to manage themselves (and everything else)?

Are Aquarians and Taureans Compatible?

To our surprise, yes! There’s a bit of a hard shell, soft inside with both of these signs that would do (almost) anything for the people they love. However, an appreciation for the “individual,” for Taureans in the form of self-care and Aquarians in the form of personal ideals, is what’s at the root of their identities. Different in approach, these signs are similar in nature and could learn a thing or two from how they handle the quandaries of the world. A Taurean’s problem-solving meets an Aquarian’s questioning right in the middle. And an Aquarian’s openness invites Taureans to come out of their shell a bit more.

There’s balance here and that ultimately contributes such a significant amount of energy to compatibility. These signs reflect one another in their similarities and complement one another in their differences. Dare we say it: they’re a dynamic duo, in life and love, platonic and romantic. Think favorite cousin instead of sister, but a cherished relationship nonetheless. We love this concealed courtship in its capacity to fly under the radar as a predicted pairing especially since the last thing you want to do is miscalculate the success of these signs in any arena– they’ll show up and show out!